Snowboarding at 2040m – Chopok, Jasna

This is where my Jasna winter holiday ends and as the spring is knocking on our doors, really looking forward for some sunshine and start hiking the beautiful mountains once again.

Super Ski Cavnic – Maramures

What’s up beautiful people?!

It’s 2019 and I am stepping into my 3rd year of creating content on YouTube.

This year I will continue sharing my travel adventures, but also bring more value to everyone who is following by sharing tips&tricks, does and don’t in order to help you to have a more pleasant experience in your next travel destination.

I am planning to go to Japan, further explore Romania, hike mountains and explore different countries in Europe.

I have a hole bunch of new gear so will share with you guys the tips about the best way to document your travel adventures.

The main problem when it comes to traveling is the fact that it costs a lot of money and we struggle saving enough to travel as much as we would like. I will share with you in my upcoming videos different ways in getting an extra income into your savings to travel more.

My first snowboard lesson – Poiana Brasov

Poiana Brașov  is one of the most popular ski resort in Romania, but not only, it also attracts many tourists from all around Europe.  I am here in Poiana Brasov because for a long time I have desired to be able to snowboard and today I am taking that first step in learning how.


Mihai – the ski instructor from “scoala de schii” was kind enough to show me the basic things in order to quickly start snowboarding. After 2 hours of learning, practicing I was able to nicely slip down from the hill.


After a full day of snowboarding and falling, I got soaked wet. By the time I got back to the hotel, I found myself locked out. Hmm, weird isn’t it? I knock on the door, cause I didn’t know what else to do. Five minutes passed by, no one answers, I knock again. Ten minutes, 15 minutes passed by and nothing. I decided that I should find a place to eat and warm up. Just when I started leaving, the receptionist ran after me and asked me to quickly go inside. I ran inside with her and she told me that she locked the door because two bears were outside of the hotel. Wait a minute. What??? There are two wild bears outside and you locked me out???! The wet cloths are frozen on me, I wouldn’t even be able to run in case I had too. Well, same thing happened the second day too. True story. 🙂


The second day I explored the a bit the forest, took a few pictures and flew my drone to capture some epic views. Right after that I went up to the mountain and had a nice coffee at 1725m altitude.


Later on in the day I traveled back home, back to Zalau.

Such a nice way to end your 2017, visiting some of the best cities in Romania and do things I wished for.

The plans for 2018, one word: Mountains. I am turning 30 years old this year, so I am planning to do 30 peaks by my 30th.

Till then enjoy my first snowboard experiences, falls and some amazing winter forest views.