Hiking from Pasul Rotunda to Varful Ineu – MUNTII RODNEI

The Rodna Mountains are part of the Carphatian Mountain Chain and the most beautiful national park in the North East of Romania.

The Rodna Mountains have one of the longest ridges in Romania, with over 50km from east to west.

The two highest points are Pietrosul Rodeni and Ineu peaks, with an altitude of 2303 and 2079m. In this video I am exploring the 2nd highest peak – Ineu, by walking from Pasul Rotunda up to Lake Lala where you can find drinkble water streams, an amazing glacial lake, a brillint panoramic view over the Rodna valley and a perfect spot for camping.

The distance from Pasul Rotunda up to the summit, is about 15km and it can take anywhere between 6 to 7 hours, depending on the endurance of the hiker. The best time to visit Muntii Rodnei is in June due to the beautiful red mountain flowers that blossom in this period of time.

The tempretures can get around 27-30C during the day and anywhere between 5 to 10C during the night.

A summer storm is also very common, so make sure you are prepared for the weather. Although I missed the sunset on the summit due to the storm, the sunrise sounds promising and I found the perfect camping spot nearby the lake.



It is always a pleasure for me to come back to this beautiful city. I have spent around 4.5 years in Oradea, during my studies and loved every single bit of it.

Oradea is a beautiful city, split by the Crisu Repede river and the home of many amazing architecture. It is known for baroque and art nouveau architecture, remnants of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Probably the most popular place in the city is the Black Eagle palace which holds many pubs and terraces.

Another attraction would be the Moon Church which has a unique mechanism that follows the moon phases throughout the month. Recently the 15th century fortress became quite popular due to its renovation. It played a key role throughout the history in many conflicts between the Turks, Hungarians and Austrians. Viewed from above it looks like a star and for sure it became one for the city.

Today it holds many festivals, events and even as we speak a food festival is taking place, showcasing various cousins from around the world. If you are visiting Romania, Oradea has to be on your list, it won’t disappoint.