It is always a pleasure for me to come back to this beautiful city. I have spent around 4.5 years in Oradea, during my studies and loved every single bit of it.

Oradea is a beautiful city, split by the Crisu Repede river and the home of many amazing architecture. It is known for baroque and art nouveau architecture, remnants of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Probably the most popular place in the city is the Black Eagle palace which holds many pubs and terraces.

Another attraction would be the Moon Church which has a unique mechanism that follows the moon phases throughout the month. Recently the 15th century fortress became quite popular due to its renovation. It played a key role throughout the history in many conflicts between the Turks, Hungarians and Austrians. Viewed from above it looks like a star and for sure it became one for the city.

Today it holds many festivals, events and even as we speak a food festival is taking place, showcasing various cousins from around the world. If you are visiting Romania, Oradea has to be on your list, it won’t disappoint.