My last day in Ao Nang, Thailand

Our last day in Ao Nang. Well, the day tour came to an end and after spending a bit more time around the islands and jungle we returned to Ao Nang. Spent the evening walking around the beach and as always looking for places to eat.

This was our last day in Ao Nang and surely a place we will miss. Just as I am writing this, I am having flash backs from this place, realizing that investing  in a day trip as such, is a much more memorable and valuable experience, than spending a day on any beautiful white sand beach.

Probably it is just the way I am, I enjoy more hiking a mountain, exploring new places or going on an adventure just like this day trip, instead of relaxing on the beach. I could do that too, but not too long, cause my mind is always thinking of doing something new…I just need to be active.

I am curious, who is following my adventure and enjoying reading about my experience. Leave me a comment guys, lift a hand… come on 🙂

Our 4th Day in Thailand will be in Phuket, another popular Island in the Andaman sea.

Stay close because shortly I will get back to you with another adventure.

Private Boat Tour – Hong Islands, Thailand

Wow, what a day! Our second day in Ao Nang and finally the peak of our trip has arrived. We have booked a private boat for a day to take us around Hong Islands, just about 45 minutes away from Ao Nang.

A massive long tail boat, piked us up with a tour guide to take us around the islands. We have stopped at Hong Island, Lading Island, Pakbia Island and Daeng Island.

In a clever way we started our list of islands from the bottom up to avoid all the boat tour agencies and the big crowds. So we went straight away to Hong Island, which had a really impressive white sand beach and a beautiful turquoise water.


We had a long tail boat just for ourselves and on top of that, an entire beach as well! How awesome is that?

IMG_1703Had a good swim, got a nice tan…, actually not that nice, cause it was painful.

After we got tired of swimming, we took the kayaks down from the boat and we went around Hong Island to go in its lagoon. I mean this was mind blowing, beautiful water, seen some jellyfish on the way, loads of flying fish racing with us around the island.

We got into the lagoon, seen some giant bets hanging on a tree which was a bit spooky and right after that the rain came. By that time our boat arrived to the lagoon as well, so we got on it and had lunch.

We have been really lucky you know. When we arrived to Bangkok, we had a really sunny day, but the time we left, we heard from our friends that there was a huge flood and heavy rain in Bangkok. In the same way, when we arrived to Ao Nang, it was raining, kind of all day long…so you can see that the second day when we had the day trip the sun was up and shining. It was exactly the same in our trip to Phuket, a one day rainy relaxing day and the 2nd day when we had our activity planned the sun was up and shining again. We were blessed.


I think we had about 2-3 hours on the sea when actually set down to  have something to eat. Mmmm sooo good, I was so hungry, maan, I could have eaten anything, but the food was really lovely. Button squash soup with chicken, rice, omelet and deep fried chicken. Yam yam, spicy, but maaan it was good.

After we had some good food, while the rain was still falling, we jumped off the boat into the blue, turquoise water…I am not that of a skillful jumper as you can see from the video, but surely had loads of fun.

We had our time at Hong Island and than we went to a different one, I cant really remember the order, but it is the island were we met the mafia of the island. A monkey, brave enough to steal anything and all of you stuff.

We didn’t spent too much time on this island as it was still raining, but we spent enough to enjoy the water and have fun with our tour guide Tony.

Our last stop was at a really small island, where we got the chance to see some yellow fish under the water, explore a bit of a jungle and yeeei, fly my drone which was fun.

I will continue this article with our second part of the day, till then have a look into the vlog I made about our 3rd day in Thailand, 2nd day in Ao Nang.

Let me know what you think. Which one is your favorite part of Thailand?