Cheile Turzii – Turda Gorge – Romania – CINEMATIC

Here is a short cinematic video of Cheile Turzii / Turda Gorge in Romania. Hope you enjoy it.

The best hiking trail at Cheile Turzii | Turda Gorge – Romania

Turda gorge is a natural reservoir in Turda, Cluj County. The canyon, formed through the erosion of the Jurassic limestone of the mountain, is 3km long and the walls have heights reaching 300 m.

It is loved by climbers who can chose from over 300 climbing trails, but also by people who want to break out into the nature. You can easily walk through the gorge following the red circle trail.

It has quite a few cool bridges, epic sceneries and caves on the way. It takes more or less about 50 min to cross it from one side to the other.

Cheile Turzii contains one of the richest and most scenic karst landscapes in Romania. More than 1000 plants and animal species live here.

Once you crossed the canyon you can continue your journey up to the cliff and back to the other side which will take you another 2h-3h to complete. It is probably one of the most beautiful trails I have ever done near my home-town.

I advice going to the Turda Gorge early in the morning to avoid the tourists and follow the red circle trail. This takes around 4-5 hours to complete with photo break and lunch break. Totally recommend it.