Day 2 – The Christmas Market in Oradea

I am continuing my journey in finding the best Christmas Market and Christmas Destination in Romania. My next stop is in my favorite city, a place close to my heart and this is Oradea. I spent about 5 years in this city during my studies and 1st job. It is good to be back.

Since I was in Oradea the last time a lot has been invested in the city, in its restoration and modernization. The main road from the city center was closed down and transformed into a big beautiful square and this is where the Christmas market is happening.


The Black Eagle, The Moon Church, The city hall and so on came to live through the awesome winter projections on their wall. The skating park, the big Christmas globe and the stylish Christmas tree lights up the entire square offering a story like look to the Christmas market.

As soon as you enter into the market you can smell the good smoky sausage, stakes and the every present kurtoskalacs(sweet bread).

The locals and tourists are enjoying the skating park and the Christmas moody atmosphere. Oradea is more alive than ever before, I love it!

Somewhere 7 years back the fortress was in ruins. I remember having an office within the fortress and we had to move out due to the place falling apart. Today the entire fortress is unrecognizable, once again an important representative symbol of Oradea is fully functional and shining.


The fortress is in a form of a star, something that can be observed from above and the edges easily can be observed from the ground.

Today you can go and observe medieval knight weapons and traditional knitting machines. The fortress also holds an outdoor theater where occasionally activities are happening, as well as holds a fortress festival once a year where fighting demonstrations are happening and other traditional shows.


Oradea pleasantly impressed me and definitely it became one of the most attractive city’s in Transylvania.

Does it have the best Christmas market? Is it the best seasonal holiday destination? It is definitely on the top of the list, but for now let’s move on and further explore the other locations.

My next stop is Cluj Napoca.



Day 1 – The National Day of Romania

National Day of Romania and the beginning of my journey in finding the best Christmas destinations in Romania.

Ziua Nationala a Romaniei – Zalau | Cele mai frumoase destinatii de Craciun in Romania.

Romanians from all around the world has celebrated on 1st December the 99th anniversary of the assembly of the delegates of ethnic Romanians held in Alba Iulia, which declared the Union of Transylvania with Romania.

While enjoyed the day and the Christmas decorations in Zalau, I remembered that somewhere this time last year I was documenting my experience at the famous Christmas Markets in Birmingham and Paris. It suddenly came to me, what if I start a little trip in exploring the best Christmas destinations in Transylvania, Romania and that’s exactly what I did.

Day 1 – The beginning of my journey.

Although there is not much of a Christmas Market in Zalau, I found it only fair to start with my home town.

The marble square its the traditional city centre of Zalau, where most of the times the events and Christmas Markets happen. It was no different this year either.

The square holds the big Christmas tree decoration in the centre, electic cars for a bit of fun and many traditional products. You can find several places making the Kurtoskalacs, corn, honey, and many other things to bring you closer to the Christmas mood.

Just across the marble square at the base of the park, a beautiful Christmas tree is set up, snow man, reindeer’s and the Nativity scene.

Comparing to the other big cities probably not much going on, but for me it is enough to bring me into that Christmas mood just before the holidays.

I hope you enjoyed this short video about the National Day of Romania and Zalau.

Tomorrow I will be in Oradea where the Christmas Market goes to a completely different level.