Exploring an abandoned mine with EveryDay HoliDay

Journey to the centre of the earth with EveryDay HoliDay | Caves in Apuseni EveryDay HoliDay

I am on my way to meet up with Adrian & Alecsandra from Everyday Holiday. Today we will be going on a journey to the centre of the earth by exploring some amazing caves in the Apuseni mountains. Adrian & Alecsandra are well known for their travel videos to some of the most exotic places on the globe and their most recent trip to North Korea and Cernobil, Ukraine exceeding over 1mil. views.

Our first stop is a sunken cave in Cheile Albioarei, where Adrian will be scuba-diving to the bottom of the cave, while me and Alecsandra will be following him with their new gadget an underwater drone. Things didn’t work out as planned, technical issues with the drone, Adi lost his go pro, but for me it was quite exciting to see someone getting prepared and scuba-diving a sunken cave…i felt like I am part of a National Geographic exploration. We moved to our next stop, another abandoned mine and cave – on the other side of the rode. Mine 32.

The first part of the journey is an old bauxite mine, scary as it is, but what follows its even more exiting. at the end of the mine we discovered a naturally formed cave with bets, amazing galleries and a lot of darkness 🙂 This was by far the most exiting and scaring thing I have ever done, but it is time to move to our third stop – Pestera Unguru Mare. Pestera Unguru Mare is based in Suncuius, just across the Crisu Repede River, it accompanies you with a spectacular 30 by 20 m wide entrance. It is the home of bets and owls, but also there have been some important discoveries made, dating back the bronze age.

If you have every wondered what is like behind the scenes of their EveryDay HoliDay travel videos, well you can see now that there is a lot of preparation going on, from planning the clip, script, light and all the gear required to do a perfect travel video for their viewers, but also to be as safe as possible for such adventures. Beside having an amazing journey towards the centre of the earth in the Apuseni mountains, I have also made some great friends – Adrian and Alexandra.

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