My last day in Ao Nang, Thailand

Our last day in Ao Nang. Well, the day tour came to an end and after spending a bit more time around the islands and jungle we returned to Ao Nang. Spent the evening walking around the beach and as always looking for places to eat.

This was our last day in Ao Nang and surely a place we will miss. Just as I am writing this, I am having flash backs from this place, realizing that investing  in a day trip as such, is a much more memorable and valuable experience, than spending a day on any beautiful white sand beach.

Probably it is just the way I am, I enjoy more hiking a mountain, exploring new places or going on an adventure just like this day trip, instead of relaxing on the beach. I could do that too, but not too long, cause my mind is always thinking of doing something new…I just need to be active.

I am curious, who is following my adventure and enjoying reading about my experience. Leave me a comment guys, lift a hand… come on 🙂

Our 4th Day in Thailand will be in Phuket, another popular Island in the Andaman sea.

Stay close because shortly I will get back to you with another adventure.

Ao Nang, Krabi – Thailand’s one of best holiday destination – Day 2

Looking out on the plane window it was disappointing to see all the thunderstorm clouds covering Krabi. Once landed we took a shuttle from the Airport to Ao Nang, a very popular beach destination in the Andaman Sea. Our accommodation was around 50 min away from the airport and cost us 150 THB / head.

As the thunderstorm clouds slowly faded away, the rain stopped and you could witness this amazing scenery of the clouds lifting up from Krabi’s, hundreds of cliffs and beautiful green mountains.

We arrived to Cliff View Resort, it felt like you are in the middle of the jungle. The sounds of the jungle made its presence, you could hear the crickets, insects, frogs and green vegetation was simply mesmerising.

We stayed at one of these summer wooden villas, it wasn’t the tidiest little things but for the price it was worth it. Payed just under £13/night, including breakfast.

Suddenly the jungle went silent and within 15 – 20 minutes the rain started pouring down. Until the rain will stop again, we decided to go to one of the restaurants and try out some thai food.

We had some really good food, made peace with our enemies as Ciprian say’s quite often.

After all that good food, you had to have a thai massage as well, so that was our next destination. 1 hour thai massage, costs around £6 and can be really relaxing, or not, depending how hard the masseuse breaks you bones.

By the time we finished with the massage, the rain stopped and explored further on the island and its food.

2nd Day in Ao Nang, really excited, a 1 day private boat trip around the islands and beaches, just like the once on your favourite wallpapers.

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