Casablanca – is it worth visiting?

We are ready to further explore Morocco so we left our riad early in the morning and going to our next destination – Casablanca.


The best option to travel in Morocco is by train. The distance between Marrakesh and Casablanca is around 4 to 5 hours and a 1st class ticket costs about 15EUR.

As soon as we arrived to Casablanca and got out from the train station the taxi driver fight for the customers has begun. At least 5 drivers approached us to go to their taxi and as soon as we picked one they got into a fight for who has been first. It was pretty intimidating.


Everything looked way different from what we have seen so far in Marrakesh. First of all, everything is painted into white and blue. Than for some reason we don’t feel safe walking on the streets. It could be that is less populated than Marrakesh, I cant see any other tourists around the streets and it is very polluted.

We have arrived to our hotel, left our luggage and we went out to roam around the city.

Our first destination was the Hassan II Mosque which is the 3rd largest Mosque in the world.

It is a massive and amazing structure.

It was built just in seven years during the reign of King Hassan II. It cost around 800mil dollars and over 10K people worked on it 24/7 to its completion.

We also pass by the famous Casablanca cafe from the well known movie, but we skipped going in and instead decided to visit the beach of Casablanca.

We finished our evening with an amazing sunset and took some really cool photos.


The best camel ride in Marrakesh

The best camel ride in Marrakesh – Day 3 in Morocco

Love waking up in the morning and watch the sunrise. Amazing to see the the wide horizon with the Atlas mountains in the far distance turning red and the cool air warming up.

Exiting day, we are going to experience the camel riding in the desert. Well it’s not the real desert or the well known Sahara desert, but is an arid place with palm trees and a barber settlement just outside of Marrakesh.


Although we would have loved to go to do the Sahara Desert trip, it is about a 6-700 km away. So doing a trip there takes about 2-3 days.

In fact almost all the major cities in Marroc are at a high distance from each-other – 300 to 500 or 600 km away from Marrakech.

This is the reason why we decided to experience the camel ride locally and than explore a bit more the other cities in Maroc.

As soon as we arrived to the desert they gave us the traditional cloths and we felt really cool in it. Getting on the camel was a bit scary, but within no time we were on the go.


Going on the camel is really bumpy and you have to hold tight to stay put on the camel. We were riding across this area for about 1h. Somewhere at half of the journey we reached to the barbar village and we were able to see the school, some houses, the mosque and some kids playing soccer.


1 hour on the camel it was more than enough, so really happy that we opted for this ride instead of the Sahara one.

We arrived back in the afternoon to Marrakech, chilled around the table, tea, coffee, fresh juice, food for about an hour and had a good talk.

We tried some other dishes this time so I order some cus cus salad, with a chicken kebab, Cristina got a B’stilla and Ciprian is always keeping it classic. Beef Tajin.

To be honest i disliked the kebab, it just simply felt not authentic, the cus cus salad is a bit sour with a strong parsley flavored. It was refreshing and pleasant, but a bit too much parsley.

The B’stilla – very interesting – it is a kind of crispy pye filled with fried chicken, cinemon powder and sugar powder. Weird combination, i know, but it actually works. I really enjoyed it. So totally recommend it in trying it out.

Oooh and yes, a must try is the mango juice, i guess we had at least 1 glass of mango juice at every meal we had in a day. DELICIOUS.

After a rich meal we went for a HAMAM, the HAMAM is well known as the Turkish bath, but it is common everywhere in the Islamic culture.

You spend about about half hour or you can do it even longer, in the sauna and apply different kind of solutions an your skin and you scrub away the dead skin.

After the hammam we had a 1 hour relaxing massage which was amazing. Ooh man, i need more massage in my life.

We ended our perfect day walking around the market.

They put a snake around my neck

They put a snake around my neck – Only in Marrakesh | Day 2IMG_4487

We are starting our day early in the morning by watching the sunset from the roof of our riad and then experiencing our first Moroccan Breakfast. We’ve been served a sweet cake, flat bread, omelet, peanut butter and a fresh orange juice.

I could definitely start my mornings like this.


After our breakfast we went into the city to further explore the Moroccan market and our first destination was the Bahia Palace. It is a 19th century palace and it translates as the Palace of Brilliance. It was intended to be the greatest palace of it’s time.

The entrance fee is 7 EUR, but it is totally worth getting in, it holds beautiful gardens, decorated ceilings and colorful windows.


We continued our journey in finding the Saadian Tombs and here things got a bit tricky. We exited the markets into some narrow streets, the real Moroccan streets as we called it and we got lost.

A few kids approached us from the front and a few from behind trying to steal our belongings. I felt something is happening in my back pack and by the time I turned back I found one of the kids with his hand in my back pack. Luckily they didn’t manage to steal anything.

Yes, so here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for your visit in Marrakesh. Don’t go away from the main streets. Don’t go exploring alone. Always pay attention for these kind of situations.

One thing I love about Marrakesh, everywhere you go for 1 to 2 EUR you can find fresh juice. Of course this has it’s own story of how to make the business the most profitable, but for as cheap as 1 EUR it’s worth paying for some fresh juice.

We finally arrived to the Saadian Tombs, the longest Q we ever had to wait to see something. It was the Sultan Ahmed Al Mansur tomb from the Saadian dynasty. Unless you are a historian or your are really passionate about this stuff, I’m not sure if its worth paying 7 EUR entrance fee.


It is time to take a break and we stopped at a local restaurant to have some tajin. A bole of tajin cost 2-3 EUR with vegetable and beef. Of course it is a lower quality meet, than what you can get in a finer restaurant, but for this price it’s a great choice.

We walked from the Market to the Menara Garden which is a huge olive plantation where the locals come to take refuge under the tree and have a nice pick-nick. The airport is also very close to the garden, so the airport and the market is at a 30-40 min walk.

Of course if your are in Marrakesh you will come across the snake guys. What can you do when they put a snake around your neck? Well you have to pay them 20 EUR. That’s how much they are asking, but i had no money with me as it was my 1st full day in Marrakech and I got away with only 5 EUR.

Time is passing by really fast, so as soon as it got dark we went up to one of this fancy restaurant and had some more Tajin. Is there anything else beside Tajin? Well not much, but there is and I will show you more of that in the upcoming videos.

First contact with Morocco – Marrakesh

My entire trip to Morocco was full of learning experiences – good ones – annoying once – bad once – and really cool once.


As soon as I got out from the airport I have seen tens of Dacia – the Romanian cars everywhere – I  did wonder for a moment – whaat?! Later on i came to know that they have one of the biggest Dacia factories out there. I got into one of these cars and the prices till the Marrakesh old market seemed to be fixed 200 dirham which is around 20 EUR. Later on in my trip I figured out that the airport is only about 40 min walk distance from the market and normally the taxi should cost around 3 to 5 Euros.

As I was walking down the street to the main market in Marrakesh the heat wave hit me, the smell of horseshit and a lot of people trying to sell me stuff.

This old man approached me to help me out to find my hotel and although I refused him several times, he walked alongside with me and by the time i reached the hotel he asked me for money. This is how i started spending my first 5 Euros.

Finally I catch up with Cip and Cristina and we went up to the balcony of the riad, enjoyed the sunset, a nice mint team and my very first chicken tajin.


Just after the calling to the prayer we headed back to the market to explore a bit the night life, culture in Marrakesh.

People are sitting down in cafes or serving some street food. We also opted for street food, or actually they kind of recruited us from the streets.

We ordered some chicken kebabs, some fresh salad, bread and hot sauce. It wasn’t hard to notice and the food that wasn’t consumed by others or us, they recycled.

A very interesting first evening in Marrakesh.

Verona in one Day – Italy

Verona is a city in northern Italy, with a medieval old town built between the Adige River.

It has many landmarks, one of them is the Verona Arena, which is a huge 1st century Roman amphitheater which currently hosts concerts and large scale opera performances.


It’s is also famous for being the setting of Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. A 14th century residence with a tiny balcony overlooking a courtyard is believed to be Juliet house.


A city that we decided to visit before going back to Venice and than home. We arrived safely back to Trento by bus, from where we supposed to take a train to Verona, but unfortunately all trains were cancelled from Trento. We did try looking for shuttles, but due to the fact that it was a Sunday, there was no direct bus to Verona. We went back to the city for a few more hours until the trains started working again.


Later in the evening around 8-9pm we arrived to Verona, struggled a little bit to find accomodation because all hostles were booked and hotels and AirBnb’s were really expensive. We did found eventually a room in flat with 73EUR / person / night and it was our only option. We booked the place and went for it to get some rest.

Early in the morning we woke up to explore the city. We started by visiting the Arena, the main market, Shakespeare shooting place and Juliet’s house.

For the rest of the evening we walked up to the hill, enjoyed the sunset, a great pizza and the city lights.


This is where our trip to Italy ends, a wonderful 5 days in The Dolomites, Venice, Trento and Verona. It is definitely a place I will return in the future, till then SUBSCRIBE to my channel to stay updated with my travels, my next destination will be the beautiful Morocco of Africa.

Snowfall in August – Marmolada – Italy

We have arrived later in the evening to the base of Marmolada and we booked a room in Marmolada Refuge at 2000m altitude. We set down at the table to have a warm meal. We found great food once again, just to discover that this cook was Romanian too.

We asked advice from the owner of the place to understand the best way to climb Marmolada. He was really kind and gave us a map for free, showed us the trail, from where to book all the gear we needed in order to achieve our goal.

We were really pumped up for this one.

Went to sleep early to wake up early in order to follow the plan.

In the morning, big surprise. There was a 10cm snow outside and a -5C – whaaat? this is insane! It is August – how is this possible? We were not prepared to continue the journey, I only had short pants with me and a few trousers which were already soaked wet. At the base we got -5C but on the summit it was -23C.

Decided to roam around in the snow a little bit and take the first buss to Verona and enjoy a bit more sun before the we end our trip in Italy.

Stunning landscapes from Antermoia to Mazzin

Originally we thought about spending one day hiking from Refuge Vajolet till Antermoia and descend the following day, but we have arrived quite early to Refuge Antermoia and decided to continue descending in the same day to Mazzin – a town at the base of the Dolomite’s and go to Marmolada. Spend the night at the base and the second day to do the summit 3343m.


This means about a 5h journey to the one of the refuge on Marmolada, stay over night there and the following day early in the morning to walk up via ferrata.  It sounded like a perfect plan!

We started descending from Antermoia to the town and only after 30-40 min walk the gray cliffs and rocks changed into beautiful green fields and joyful marmot sounds. The marmots are the cutest things I have ever seen, they ran away from us up the hill, barely dragging their fat rear.


The journey down to the town shortly became never ending – it took us approximately 3 to 4 hours to the base. We walked down through a beautiful valley which might be the most incredible thing I have experience in my hikes. A really cool river stream flowing down the pathway, strong green vegetation everywhere you looked, mind-blowing mountain peaks in the far distance and really cool caves.

Once we finally arrived to Mazzin it started to rain, so I think it was a good decision to walk down from the mountains as soon as possible.

Next Stop – Marmolada.

Lake Antermoia – The Dolomites

Passo Antermoia – 2770m altitude – the most beautiful view I have seen so far in my hikes and it is the highest altitude I have ever got so far. It feels good!


I can visibly see how the mist is rising from the base, it is coming fast so we are unable to spend more time in this place, so slowly started descending to lake Antermoia.

As we walk down we discover more amazing places, the valley is absolutely stunning. Everything looks gray and without too much live in it, yet it is so satisfying to watch.


We are tempted rush down the the valley, but it can turn out wrong if we rush this. Descending is pretty dangerous, in specially with weight on your back. The entire weight is held by the knees, so we need to be careful as it can get damage it.

Probably in less then 2 hours we arrive to the lake with the most amazing blue water I have ever seen. In some of its corners we can still find loads of snow. We threw down our bags and took a break to admire the view.


Antermoia refuge is just a few steps from the lake so we stopped there to eat something and plan further our descend and the plan for our next chain of mountains.

Passo Principe – The Dolomites

Day 2 in the Dolomites.

7am, clear sky, perfect time to continue hiking till our next destination: Passo Principe 2601m.  We quickly had a snack before start climbing, prepared our backpack, threw it on our back and went out to touch the summit of Vajolet Valley.

If you think about it there is only a 500m altitude difference till Passo Principe, yet it is really far and requires a lot of energy to reach it. Being surrounded by massive cliffs, rocks and small seashell fossils, it takes my imagination back in time to its creation. The tectonic plates colliding into a huge explosion and the mountains rising up. The same mountains, the same cliffs, rocks are still present in this place. I am walking on the pages of history written by the mountains themselves.


After a few hours hiking we reached the Passo Principe Refuge at 2601m altitude. We had no rain, chill weather, perfect for hiking. We took a brake to have something to eat, some fruits and water. It was the perfect place to fly my drone too and take some nice photos. We did not have time to go into the refuge, but the it looked really cool from the outside and placed into a perfect place, right into the cliff.

The mist is quickly rising up, the forecast is announcing rain for the afternoon so we decided to keep walking until Passo Antermoia at 2770m and than slowly descend to Lake Antermoia and decide how to proceed further from there.


You can find bellow a short video with some stunning drone videos of the cliffs and Principe Valley. Enjoy!