My camera gear

I have been passionate about photography for quite some time now, owning different kind of cameras over the course of time and eventually ended up owning a set of gear which I consider the best at its job for the price. I thought of giving you an overview about all the gear I am currently using in my travels, vlogs and for all of my pictures.

Hopefully this will inspire you and help you get your very best camera kit to fulfill your goals and passion.  I have provided you with links also to Amazon with the best prices you can find out there to save you from the hustle.

Camera and Lenses:


Canon 70D – I have been using this camera for over a year now and it is the best vloging camera  you can get. A very user friendly camera to easily take those professional look photos in your travels and portraits. Very light which which makes your life easier when your are hand holding your camera for those selfie vloging moments.

The 70D‘s ability to perform phase-detect auto-focus directly on the sensor makes it much faster than other cameras and the screen is touch sensitive too, which makes things much easier when it comes to focusing a subject in live view.

Canon 70D + Canon EF-S 10-18mm – handhold


Add a Canon EF-S 10-18mm lens to it and you have the perfect vloging camera. The focus is very silent and fast, it is a wide angle lens, captures that beautiful scenery that you want to show to your viewers.

Canon 70D + Sigma 2.8f 17-50mm


Add a Sigma F2.8 -17-50 mm lens to make it your best overall camera to get those awesome professional travel shots you are using as your desktop wallpaper. You can use it as a wide angle lens for those beautiful sceneries, or for those portraits where you need to be at a bit of a distance from your subjects face to capture those perfect moments.

Canon 70D + Sigma 17-50 mm 2.8f

It’s 2.8f aperture gives that nice bokeh effect in your portraits photo-session.

Canon 70D + Sigma 17-50 mm 2.8f


One of my favorite lenses for street photography is the Canon 2.8f 40 mm – it is small, light and has a fast auto-focus. It brings you closer to your subject which encourages you to interact with the people around you and makes your experience more personal and memorable.

What makes this lens perfect for street photography is it’s size. People in general associate big lenses with professionals and they get intimidated by it. The 40 mm pancake lens give you that professional look to your photos without being intimidating at all to your subjects.

Here is a simple trick I use when doing street photography: I put my 40 mm lens on, I cover the Canon logo on the camera to eliminate anything that people can associate with a pro camera. Set your aperture and shutter speed, usually I go with an aperture 5f or 8f (depending on the light) at a shutter speed of at least 1/120 and you are ready to go.

Canon 70D + Canon 40 mm 2.8f


For sound I have tried different kind of microphones, but the Rode gun mic beats them all. You don’t have to worry about changing your batteries, ending up with a video without a sounds because your mic battery died at the middle of your clip. The sound quality is beautiful. I use it for my music videos, vloging and interviews.

91DRW1lRBRL._SL1500_Sound is equally important to your video footage. As a film maker you want to have the best quality sound at all times, so to prevent that annoying crackling wind noise I use a so called DeadCat which is a furry protective cover for your mic. This is absolutely amazing, I have the one from Rode and I can record in those windy conditions and still getting that high quality sound.