My 2018 YouTube Rewind – Adi Seres

2018 was a great year, visited 4 countries, around 30 different locations and around 10 mountain summits.

Here is a short summary of the year. Enjoy

Beautiful Lake Bohinj – Slovenia

Beautiful morning at lake Bohinj, the fog is slowly lifting up from the lake and the stunning view of the mountains reveals. We prepare our backpack and off we go, motivated to do at least one of the summits.

Having no food supply left, we go to our favorite place to have our childish breakfast and with all the energy gained we are ready for a day full of adventures.


Our first stop is the well known Slavica Waterfall which is known to be the biggest waterfall in Slovenia with a 40m drop, streaming out from the cliff which is fed by the underground karst channels from the Black Lake. Yes, the path to the waterfall is good, relatively easy, but it’s way too touristy and packed with people. We also had to pay an entrance fee of 3 EUR. Was it worth it? It was nice, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t impress.

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We continued our journey to our next destination – the Black Lake, but not before we stopped for a quick Slovenian cream cake to get our boost of energy before climbing the cliff up to the lake.

The Black lake is the lowest Triglav lake lying above the Komarca cliff which is connected to the other Triglav Lakes. The Black lake is also the starting point to the Triglav Valley which holds the 7 Trigalv lakes and the trail to the mount Triglav itself.

Climbing the cliff was challenging, very steep, dangerous but with an astonishing view over the Julien Alps and a great waterfall.


After a 3 hour hike we got to the top of the cliff where the temperature suddenly dropped and started walking on ice and snow till the Black Lake.

d (352)



We took a well deserved break at the lake, eat whatever food we had left and just took in the beauty of the view.

d (353)

The plan was to walk to the upper meadow at 1600m and off we go with our snow fences on and start walking on scary 4-5m snow. We found our way to a 1500m altitude, but struggled to find our way further on and due to lack of time we decided to return. Once again we are back at the lake, got some more water from the lake and decide to try our luck with another trail down.

d (381)

We walk and walk and walk, and after about an hour we can’t see any more footsepts, and we make it official – we got lost. We found eventually a sign that told us we were walking on the Triglav Seven lake trail and not what we originally had in mind. Once again we decide the return and this time we went down on the trail we got up.

d (446)

We got back to the base about 8pm and finished our day with a rich 3 course dinner at our favorite place “Hotel STARE Bohinj” (link) – amazing service, cheap, great presentation and great quality food. If you are not camping and looking for a great place to relax around Lake Bohinj, this is the place.

We went to Slovenia with the expectation of having a lot of rain and it took us by surprise with a great weather throughout our stay.

On our last day in Bohinj we walked around the lake with a few stops on the way to relax and take in the amazing views. Made some friends on the way too, 2 ducks swimming on the lake from one side to the other following us without fail. We stopped at the other side of the lake at a bench and the two ducks came to the shore and said hello 🙂

e (19)

After an enjoyable day walking around the lake, we packed and left Bohinj behind with a great sunset over the Julien Alps and the promise to return once more next year.

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We arrived in the evening to Ljubljana where we spent a few more hours in the city and slept at a Hostel where we almost fall asleep and miss my flight, but everything turned out well eventually.

Such a great place, Slovenia, it has all my respect. Friendly people, great cities, great mountains, great rivers, lakes and awesome food.

Here is a short video of my last 2 days in Bohinj, hope you enjoy it and make sure to stay around by because I am continuing my journey in further exploring the Romanian Carpathian Mountains.




Mostnica Waterfall, Slovenia

Bohinj Lake

Our 3rd day in Slovenia, so far it’s been amazing. We left Bled in the morning towards Bohinj via a bus that travels every hour to Ukanc which is the camping site next to lake Bohinj. The road to Ukanc was full of great mountain views. We tried to keep our eyes open not to miss out any great views, but regardless our heads were falling down every now and then.  After a 45 min journey we arrived to the camping site and looked for a place to set up our tent. Being end of April at that point of time, nothing was open in that area, some of the hotels felt abandoned and when we asked about a place to eat…other campers had a laugh and explained is not the season yet so the only chance in finding a place is in the other side of the lake, in the city.

d (215)

We went into the forest just a bit above the lake, set up our tent and we went into the city, hoping to find a place to have breakfast and go on our first trail, up to Mostnica Waterfall. In the same way as in Bled, most of the places open in the evening and the best they can offer is a coffee, but lucky enough we did found a panini place and a supermarket from where we gained our energy for the rest of the day.

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Vango Soul 200

Mostnica Waterfall is just about 4h away from Ukanc, the trail offers a great experience walking near by the beautiful Lake Bohinj and along the Mostnica gorge up to the waterfall.

Mostnica got it’s name from the Slovenian word “most” which means bridge and this is due to the fact that the place holds four stone bridges among which the devil’s bridge. The gorge was formed by the flooding water came from the Bohinj glacier which created some spectacular passages where the blue water runs down into the lake.

d (165)


Just before the waterfall there is a brilliant meadow with some really cool huts and amazing mountains. It is a great place to take a break, have a picnic and relax. Only another 40min – 1hour away from this place you arrive to the Mostnica waterfall.

d (128)

I have seen quite a few waterfalls in Slovenia and this one was one of my favorite because there were no tourists, it felt wild and isolated which I found to be very satisfying.

d (133)

From the Mostinca waterfall you can continue to Triglav which is only 7 hours away, or to the closest summit which is Velo Polje at 3h30min away. We decided to slowly go back to the town and try going to Velo Polje the 2nd day.


We have been advised by the locals that it’s not safe to go up to any of the summits because there is still a lot a of snow. As we were running out of time and not being well prepared, we went back to the city and enjoyed the rest of the evening next to a great deer stew and a cool burger. I think I have gained around 5kg during this trip, because I spent more time eating rather than hiking. 🙂