Exploring an abandoned mine with EveryDay HoliDay

Journey to the centre of the earth with EveryDay HoliDay | Caves in Apuseni EveryDay HoliDay

I am on my way to meet up with Adrian & Alecsandra from Everyday Holiday. Today we will be going on a journey to the centre of the earth by exploring some amazing caves in the Apuseni mountains. Adrian & Alecsandra are well known for their travel videos to some of the most exotic places on the globe and their most recent trip to North Korea and Cernobil, Ukraine exceeding over 1mil. views.

Our first stop is a sunken cave in Cheile Albioarei, where Adrian will be scuba-diving to the bottom of the cave, while me and Alecsandra will be following him with their new gadget an underwater drone. Things didn’t work out as planned, technical issues with the drone, Adi lost his go pro, but for me it was quite exciting to see someone getting prepared and scuba-diving a sunken cave…i felt like I am part of a National Geographic exploration. We moved to our next stop, another abandoned mine and cave – on the other side of the rode. Mine 32.

The first part of the journey is an old bauxite mine, scary as it is, but what follows its even more exiting. at the end of the mine we discovered a naturally formed cave with bets, amazing galleries and a lot of darkness 🙂 This was by far the most exiting and scaring thing I have ever done, but it is time to move to our third stop – Pestera Unguru Mare. Pestera Unguru Mare is based in Suncuius, just across the Crisu Repede River, it accompanies you with a spectacular 30 by 20 m wide entrance. It is the home of bets and owls, but also there have been some important discoveries made, dating back the bronze age.

If you have every wondered what is like behind the scenes of their EveryDay HoliDay travel videos, well you can see now that there is a lot of preparation going on, from planning the clip, script, light and all the gear required to do a perfect travel video for their viewers, but also to be as safe as possible for such adventures. Beside having an amazing journey towards the centre of the earth in the Apuseni mountains, I have also made some great friends – Adrian and Alexandra.

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Peretele Zanelor – Via Ferrata – Vadu Crisului

Throughout a distance of 3km between Suncuius and Vadul Crisului, these tall amazing cliffs are rising up, along the railway.

The Peretele Zanelor via ferrata trail offers a spectacular view over the valley, river and the rocky cliffs. It is a moderate difficulty trail, great for people who have done via ferrata before, otherwise it can be easily done with the help of a guide. This trail was created in 2015 to grow the touristic potential of this area.

I am glad they did, because they totally drawn my attention…and desire to complete all of these trails in Vadu Crisului. I do have some spare time, so before meeting up with Adrian and Alexandra, Ill quickly have a run to the Vadu Crisului Waterfall, because if you are around its something you don’t want to be missing out.

Grota lui Hili – Cheile Turzii – Via Ferrata

Cheile Turzii, it has to be one of my favorite place to go with my family for a quick walk, hiking, camping…, beside being my favorite place, today it’s also my first via ferrata experience.

I am with my good friend Mihai, a couple from Germany that we met on the way and the funniest via ferrata guide…Cornel. This is a 350m via ferrata trail with a 200 mt altitude. The trail is called Grota Hilli due to the spectacular opening in the cliff around the end of the trail. I

t takes about 50 min to go up and about another 50 min to get down. It has a moderate difficulty, so if you have done via ferrata before it shouldn’t cause you any problems, otherwise I do recommend going with a guide. In either cases, do check with the local Rescue team if the steel cables are in place, to be totally safe.

Maramures | Barsana + Mocanita – Viseul de sus

The Barsana village is well-known for the presence of wooden churches since 1391. It is one of the landmarks of Maramures. These beautiful churches are wooden buildings made by craftsmen from Maramures.

In 1717, a Tatar invasion takes place where they burned down most of the wooden churches and several local houses. In 1720 another church was built, The Old Barsana Monastery – it has special cultural importance, being included in the UNESCO list of heritage buildings.

Before ending our day, we decided to go up to Cascada Cailor, despite the cold and rainy weather.

We started our next day early in the morning, exited about experiencing the journey into the Maramures mountains with the steam train. It has to be the most amazing experience you could have in Maramures, the sound of the train, nature, feeling like kids once again.

Lago di Mizurina & Cortina D’ampezzo

Lake Misurina is the largest natural lake of the Cadore and it is 1,754 m above sea level, near Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno). Lake Misurina is where the speed skating events were held during the 1956 Winter Olympics of Cortina d’Ampezzo – the last time Olympic speed skating events were held on natural ice. The lake is only abour 30 min away from Tre Cime by bus, so it’s a must see if you are visiting the Dolomites.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo – The best of the DOLIMITES

Tre Cime is one of the Dolomites’ iconic hikes with the three massive rocky cliffs surrounded by amazing panoramic views

This is a relatively easy hike, its great for a family hike also, if you are planning to go with kids.

The entire loop is 10 km long, mostly flat and it takes around 6-7 hours to complete with stops for pictures and lunch at the refuge.

The trail starts at Rifugio Auronzo and after a 45min walk you reach Rifugio Lavaredo. During this section of the hike, the massive spikes of Tre Cime loom over you and makes Rifugio Lavaredo seem.

This is were you can also find the WW1 tunnels which connects you with the Tre Cimme reffuge at roughly about 1.5h away.

It’s an epic hike and totally recomand it for anyone who is planning to visit the Dolomites.

The story of the sunken village in toxic waste

Every ride through Topa Mica is a must stop at the cheese pie place and this morning is no exception. I am traveling this time with my parents, as they said if I every to become famous with my YouTube channel they wanted to be in some of my videos, so asked me to take them on this tripe where ever that may be.

I am exploring a place which once was called home to many people, a fertile valley in the heart of Apuseni Mountains – the village Geamana. Today all we can find is a 90m deep decanting lake filled with industrial waste flowing in from the 2nd biggest copper mine in Europe since 1986.

This mix of chemical waste offers a very interesting and spectacular show of colors and texture. It is beautiful when viewed from above, the contact between the grey slur and yellow-red-blue chemicals.

The transformation of this place started in 1977 when Nicolae Ceasescu decided to exploit the copper mine, at that time being the largest copper mine in Europe. In 1980 more 300 families where relocated from this area and in 1986 they started discharging the waste.

It would require over 15 mil EUR to fix spreading the environmental impact it has over the surroundings.

Mocanita – The steam train – Viseul de sus – MARAMURES – ROMANIA

Mocanita it’s a beautiful steam train functioning day by day since 1932, in Viseul de Sus Maramures.

There are a total of 4steam trains and one diesel train, the first one leaves at 9sharp and the other once are followed by every 30 min. A standard ticket costs 90 lei and if you get a ticket with lunch than it can go up to 120 lei, however you can opt for a good lunch at the destination and for 25 lei you can eat well.

The journey starts at the train station in Viseul de sus and the overall ride takes around 6h through some amazing sceneries and stunning mountains. Somewhere halfway through, the train stops for a 30 min break to have quick coffee and sweet bread which is included in your standard ticket price.

After 2hours you arrive to Platin, you final destination where you will have a 1h break until the train goes another few miles to turn around. Till then you can listen to some good folk music, have a cold beer, some bbq and rest. It is an exciting ride for everyone, right in the heart of Maramures, worth every penny and every single minute spent on it.

Cascada Cailor – Muntii Rodnei – MARAMURES

Cascada Cailor is the tallest waterfall in Romania, falling 95m from the cliff. It is situated in the Rodna Mountains, just nearby Borsa. I do recommend going there in the morning, to skip the crowd and the heat. The teleskii is open from 9am till 6pm and it costs 30 lei – both ways. It is an easy hike, however I have seen people in flip flops and even high heels, I don’t recommend it, it will make your journey a nightmare. If you are around for more than a day, i totally recommend hiking the Pietrosul Peak which also can be easily accessed from Borsa.

Hiking from Pasul Rotunda to Varful Ineu – MUNTII RODNEI

The Rodna Mountains are part of the Carphatian Mountain Chain and the most beautiful national park in the North East of Romania.

The Rodna Mountains have one of the longest ridges in Romania, with over 50km from east to west.

The two highest points are Pietrosul Rodeni and Ineu peaks, with an altitude of 2303 and 2079m. In this video I am exploring the 2nd highest peak – Ineu, by walking from Pasul Rotunda up to Lake Lala where you can find drinkble water streams, an amazing glacial lake, a brillint panoramic view over the Rodna valley and a perfect spot for camping.

The distance from Pasul Rotunda up to the summit, is about 15km and it can take anywhere between 6 to 7 hours, depending on the endurance of the hiker. The best time to visit Muntii Rodnei is in June due to the beautiful red mountain flowers that blossom in this period of time.

The tempretures can get around 27-30C during the day and anywhere between 5 to 10C during the night.

A summer storm is also very common, so make sure you are prepared for the weather. Although I missed the sunset on the summit due to the storm, the sunrise sounds promising and I found the perfect camping spot nearby the lake.