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Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Adi, a Romanian-Hungarian living in a small town in the North West of Romania. I lived for about 5 years in the United Kingdom from 2013 till end of 2017 and just moved back to my hometown. I have started exploring Romania since then I feel like I missed out by not visiting it so far. I am planning to explore it’s mountains, natural reservations and vibrant cities in the months to come.

Recruiter 💼 | I have a full time job and work as a Recruiter, so I try to travel as much as I can in the weekends and in my few annual leaves I have in a year.   My goal is to live life to its fullest by exploring new places and meeting new people.


Guitar Player 🎸| I love music. I’m self thought, so not so much of a musician, but love playing guitar, ukulele and I love any kind of musical instruments.


Photographer 📸 | I love photography, I carry my camera everywhere I go not to miss out that unique shot.


I always was passionate about photography, owned a camera since I was a kid. Love taking pictures of random people on the streets and capturing those amazing views from the places I travel.


Chef In My Home Kitchen🔪 | Did you know? When I was a kid I wanted to become a Chef, true story. I’m not living with my parents since 2007, moved out when I went to university and since then I have lived by my own. Considering the circumstances I was forced to learn how to cook, because I have to eat! Haha, so I learned cooking with my mom on the phone. I will always remember my first dish, I made some amazing bolonese spagettis, except it was terrible and threw everything to the bin. Since then, from had to cook, I ended up loving to cook. Ooh and of course, love to eat too.

Jesus ❤ | Faith is a big part of my life. It was always there in my life, but it was more of a formality and traditionalism, until I started learning and discovering more about Jesus. In 2012 Jesus became my friend and the Savior of my soul, got baptized and since then I follow Him.


Hiking 🌄 |  Grew up at the base of the mountains, they always were a part of me.  Only recently started hiking and I love it. I prefer the mountain over the sea, but probably a combination between the two is the best. So far I have done the following summits: Mam Tor 517m (England), Holme Moss 524m (England), Vf. Osoiu 871m (Romania), Snowdon 1085m (Wales), Cascada Cailor 1300m (Romania), Ben Nevis 1345m (Scotland), Masivul Lespezi 1173m (Romania), Lago di Dobbiaco 1259m (Italy), The Black Lake 1317m (Slovenia), Vf. Gutaiul Mic 1395 (Romania), Creasta Cocosului 1428m (Romania), Vf. Gutai 1443m (Romania), Lago di Braies 1496m (Italy), Presihajoče lake 1500m (Slovenia), Lago di Mizurina 1750m (Italy), Vf. Vladeasa 1836m (Romania), Marmolada Refuge 2000m (Italy), Jasna – Chopok 2040 (Slovakia), Vf. Ineu 2279m (Romania), Lungkofel 2280m (Italy), Vf. Pietrosul Rodnei 2303m (Romania), Tre Cime 2405m (Italy), Lake Antermoia 2496m (Italy), Seceda 2500m (Italy), Passo Principe 2600 (Italy), Passo Antermoia 2770m (Italy)



Sports 🏃| I suck at team sports, so I tried something else. In 2016 I ran my first half marathon and since then I became addicted to running and cycling. I feel like I rediscovered myself. So far I participated at 2×half marathons 🎖| 2×10 km runs🏅 | 1×75 km hilly cycling challenge 🏆 |1×5 km Holme Moss Climb 🏆 | 1×8 km Tough Mudder 🏅| and many other unofficial 10K’s and tens of km cycling.


YouTube 📺 | I love to travel, enjoy food, music, sports and I vlog about it.

Lived in: Romania, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Visited: Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, Slovenia, France, Italy, Morocco, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan.


P.S: my latest hobby is growing a beard! 🙂

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One thought on “About Me

  1. Im visiting Romania in 1 month and it would be great to meet you. How can i get a hold of you? I live in Dallas TX If you have WhatsApp my number is 417-849-4900.


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