About Me


Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Adi, a Hungarian from Romania living in United Kingdom.

IT Recruiter 💼 | I have a full time job and work as an IT Recruiter, so I try to travel as much as I can in the weekends and in my few annual leaves I have in a year.   My goal is to live life to its fullest by exploring new places and meeting new people.


Guitar Player 🎸| I love music. I’m self thought, so not so much of a musician, but love playing guitar, ukulele and I would love to play the piano, but not quite there yet.


Photographer 📸 | I love photography, but I am really bad at storing my photos away.  I managed to lose all my photos I captured from 2008 till 2014 in a single day. My hard drive broke down and lost everything. I hope by storing my photos to my blog and YouTube Channel, I won’t experience this again.


I always was passionate about photography, owned a camera since I was a kid. Love taking pictures of random people on the streets and capturing those amazing views from the places I travel.


Chef In My Home Kitchen🔪 | Did you know? When I was a kid I wanted to become a Chef, true story. I’m not living with my parents since 2007, moved out when I went to university and since then I have lived by my own. Considering the circumstances I was forced to learn how to cook, because I have to eat! Haha, so I learned cooking with my mom on the phone. I will always remember my first dish, I made some amazing bolonese spagettis, except it was terrible and threw everything to the bin. Since then, from had to cook, I ended up loving to cook. Ooh and of course, love to eat too.

Jesus ❤ | Faith is a big part of my life. It was always there in my life, but it was more of a formality and traditionalism, until I started learning and discovering more about Jesus. In 2012 Jesus became my friend and the Savior of my soul, got baptized and since then I follow Him.


Hiking 🌄 |  Grew up at the base of the mountains, they always were a part of me.  Only recently started hiking and I love it. I prefer the mountain over the sea, but probably a combination between the two is the best. So far I have done the following summits: Mam Tor 517m (England), Holme Moss 524m (England), Vf. Osoiu 871m (Romania), Snowdon 1085m (Wales), Ben Nevis 1345m (Scotland) and more to come.


Sports 🏃| I suck at team sports, so I tried something else. In 2016 I ran my first half marathon and since then I became addicted to running and cycling. I feel like I rediscovered myself. So far I participated at 2×half marathons 🎖| 2×10 km runs🏅 | 1×75 km hilly cycling challenge 🏆 |1×5 km Holme Moss Climb 🏆 | 1×8 km Tough Mudder 🏅| and counting.


YouTube 📺 | I love to travel, enjoy food, music, sports and I vlog about it.


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