Autumn Kayaking on Tarnita

My final escape into the nature before the winter comes is a weekend-away kayaking at Lake Tarnita with my friends from work.

We started our day early in the morning, some of us earlier, other later, but Chef Patric was the first to open the kitchen and with the help of Cristina and Sabin prepared the breakfast to get enough energy for an amazing kayaking experience yet to come on lake Tarnita.

Lake Tarnița is a reservoir located in Cluj County, Romania, between the communes of Râșca, Mărișel and Gilău, west of Cluj-Napoca. Covering some 215 ha, with a length of close to 9 km and a maximum depth of over 70 m, it is a popular tourist destination. Water from the Someșul Cald River flows into the reservoir.

After endless hours on the lake we returned to the cabin and chilled for the rest of the evening next a BBQ, good music and a joyful atmosphere.

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