FES – MOROCCO – The world’s biggest medina

FES – MOROCCO – The world’s biggest medina

After a few good hours on train and some interesting things that we encountered on the way we have finally arrived to Fes to the Blue gate.

While we were on the train a gentleman came into our compartment and took a seat without having a ticket for that particular place.

Within no time started talking with us, at first seamed nice, but then it became really annoying. He tried to get our phone number, hotel name so he can pick us up in the morning to take us to his tannery in Fes. He was really pushy to get these information and after trying to sell us leather jackets and other goods, finally gave up and went to another compartment trying to find some other potential customers.

We are walking back and forth on the streets and cant seem to find our riad. Finally we are going into this narrow allay and hoping that we found the place.

Yes, we found it. Such a lovely place, but for now we need to grab some food and rest.

We had a good rest – having a nice breakfast and ready to explore the old town of Fes.


There are two main streets going down the hill in Fes, in both sides you can find the bazaars and on the end of the street the famous tennery of Fes. That’s where we are going. It is fascinating to see people working in this place. It smells horrible. They gave us meant leafs to cut down the smell a bit.

The museum of wood crafts.

I have no idea what this stuff is. Looks like cactus and kind of tastes like a kiwi..i dont know…but its good.

Cip is still looking for the perfect Moroccan carpet, but thank God by the end of the day he will even find it.


It is time for a meal and we go again for the Tajin…I kind of miss romanian food at this time, but let’s see.

for the starter ordered Moroccan soup and 2nd course My dear friends ordered the classic beef tajing and I went for the Moroccan meatball tajin. Spicy tomato sauce with a fried egg and meatballs.

For dessert we had some interesting croissants and meant tea and orange with cinemon.

The oldest Koranic school in Morocco.

For the rest of the day we are planning to get out of the Medina and go up to the hills of Fes and see the town from there.

the view from the hill is amazing and very relaxing.

We are ending our evening here and our journey to Fes. We decided to go back over night to Marrakesh as the journey back it takes more or less 8 hours. So planning to travel and night and in our final day in Marrakesh to relax.

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