The best beach in Casablanca – Morocco

Day 4 in Morocco, and our 2nd day in Casablanca.

We are going out into the city to find something to eat and than go to the beach and relax.

As it is a Saturday everything is closed in the area we are living, so we are going a bit more into the city to have breakfast.


The beach of Casablanca is quite nice, but It not the perfect time to swim, but more like staying on the beach and relax.


If i would make my plan again for Morocco, I wouldn’t spend more than a day in Casablanca. I would only visit the mosque, maybe a quick run to the beach and moll and in the same day go further to a different destination.

After a few good hours running and relaxing on the beach we are going to the Morocco Mall which is the 2nd largest mall in Africa

After the two days spent in Casablanca we are going to our next destination, in Fes. We know that is famous for their tannery, but don’t know too much about the city so we will discover it on the go.

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