Casablanca – is it worth visiting?

We are ready to further explore Morocco so we left our riad early in the morning and going to our next destination – Casablanca.


The best option to travel in Morocco is by train. The distance between Marrakesh and Casablanca is around 4 to 5 hours and a 1st class ticket costs about 15EUR.

As soon as we arrived to Casablanca and got out from the train station the taxi driver fight for the customers has begun. At least 5 drivers approached us to go to their taxi and as soon as we picked one they got into a fight for who has been first. It was pretty intimidating.


Everything looked way different from what we have seen so far in Marrakesh. First of all, everything is painted into white and blue. Than for some reason we don’t feel safe walking on the streets. It could be that is less populated than Marrakesh, I cant see any other tourists around the streets and it is very polluted.

We have arrived to our hotel, left our luggage and we went out to roam around the city.

Our first destination was the Hassan II Mosque which is the 3rd largest Mosque in the world.

It is a massive and amazing structure.

It was built just in seven years during the reign of King Hassan II. It cost around 800mil dollars and over 10K people worked on it 24/7 to its completion.

We also pass by the famous Casablanca cafe from the well known movie, but we skipped going in and instead decided to visit the beach of Casablanca.

We finished our evening with an amazing sunset and took some really cool photos.

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