They put a snake around my neck

They put a snake around my neck – Only in Marrakesh | Day 2IMG_4487

We are starting our day early in the morning by watching the sunset from the roof of our riad and then experiencing our first Moroccan Breakfast. We’ve been served a sweet cake, flat bread, omelet, peanut butter and a fresh orange juice.

I could definitely start my mornings like this.


After our breakfast we went into the city to further explore the Moroccan market and our first destination was the Bahia Palace. It is a 19th century palace and it translates as the Palace of Brilliance. It was intended to be the greatest palace of it’s time.

The entrance fee is 7 EUR, but it is totally worth getting in, it holds beautiful gardens, decorated ceilings and colorful windows.


We continued our journey in finding the Saadian Tombs and here things got a bit tricky. We exited the markets into some narrow streets, the real Moroccan streets as we called it and we got lost.

A few kids approached us from the front and a few from behind trying to steal our belongings. I felt something is happening in my back pack and by the time I turned back I found one of the kids with his hand in my back pack. Luckily they didn’t manage to steal anything.

Yes, so here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for your visit in Marrakesh. Don’t go away from the main streets. Don’t go exploring alone. Always pay attention for these kind of situations.

One thing I love about Marrakesh, everywhere you go for 1 to 2 EUR you can find fresh juice. Of course this has it’s own story of how to make the business the most profitable, but for as cheap as 1 EUR it’s worth paying for some fresh juice.

We finally arrived to the Saadian Tombs, the longest Q we ever had to wait to see something. It was the Sultan Ahmed Al Mansur tomb from the Saadian dynasty. Unless you are a historian or your are really passionate about this stuff, I’m not sure if its worth paying 7 EUR entrance fee.


It is time to take a break and we stopped at a local restaurant to have some tajin. A bole of tajin cost 2-3 EUR with vegetable and beef. Of course it is a lower quality meet, than what you can get in a finer restaurant, but for this price it’s a great choice.

We walked from the Market to the Menara Garden which is a huge olive plantation where the locals come to take refuge under the tree and have a nice pick-nick. The airport is also very close to the garden, so the airport and the market is at a 30-40 min walk.

Of course if your are in Marrakesh you will come across the snake guys. What can you do when they put a snake around your neck? Well you have to pay them 20 EUR. That’s how much they are asking, but i had no money with me as it was my 1st full day in Marrakech and I got away with only 5 EUR.

Time is passing by really fast, so as soon as it got dark we went up to one of this fancy restaurant and had some more Tajin. Is there anything else beside Tajin? Well not much, but there is and I will show you more of that in the upcoming videos.

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