First contact with Morocco – Marrakesh

My entire trip to Morocco was full of learning experiences – good ones – annoying once – bad once – and really cool once.


As soon as I got out from the airport I have seen tens of Dacia – the Romanian cars everywhere – I  did wonder for a moment – whaat?! Later on i came to know that they have one of the biggest Dacia factories out there. I got into one of these cars and the prices till the Marrakesh old market seemed to be fixed 200 dirham which is around 20 EUR. Later on in my trip I figured out that the airport is only about 40 min walk distance from the market and normally the taxi should cost around 3 to 5 Euros.

As I was walking down the street to the main market in Marrakesh the heat wave hit me, the smell of horseshit and a lot of people trying to sell me stuff.

This old man approached me to help me out to find my hotel and although I refused him several times, he walked alongside with me and by the time i reached the hotel he asked me for money. This is how i started spending my first 5 Euros.

Finally I catch up with Cip and Cristina and we went up to the balcony of the riad, enjoyed the sunset, a nice mint team and my very first chicken tajin.


Just after the calling to the prayer we headed back to the market to explore a bit the night life, culture in Marrakesh.

People are sitting down in cafes or serving some street food. We also opted for street food, or actually they kind of recruited us from the streets.

We ordered some chicken kebabs, some fresh salad, bread and hot sauce. It wasn’t hard to notice and the food that wasn’t consumed by others or us, they recycled.

A very interesting first evening in Marrakesh.

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