Relaxing evening relaxing at the lake

It’s been some time since I had some quality time spent with my brother, so we both decided to go to lake Varsolt and spend a night talking at fishing.

I have packed all my camera gear, my tent, put in a back pack, get on the bike and cycle till the lake. If I think about it now, I am not sure if this was that good of an idea, to cycle there. It is about a 20km ride with some nasty hills. It was really though getting there with bike, because I didn’t have too much practice.

I have arrived there by the time was going down, so had a really cool sunset over the lake. Didn’t have too much luck fishing, so we decided to take the fishing rod with the drone as far as we can. We it didn’t help, we were catching some small size fish which we threw back, but other than that it was a really cool evening talking with my brother.

We woke up to a stunning sunset, slowly packed and it was time for me to ride back home. Ughh!


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