Creasta Cocosului – Muntii Gutai | The Roosters comb, Romania

Another cool place in Maramures is the Gutai Mountains where you can visit one of the unique rock formations – Cresta Cocosului – Large nature reserve in the Gutai Mountains, offering hiking trails & a variety of flora & faun.

Left early in the morning with my friend Mihai to explore the Gutai muntains. We started off going the Rooster Combs where we tried escalating it. After wards we walked all the way to the ‘Gutaiul Mare’ summit at 1443m altitude and had our breakfast.


As the time was still early, we decided that it would be a shame not to climb the ‘Gutai-ul mic’ too. We walked through the annoying juniper spikes, eat some blue barriers on the way and finally made it to the summit.

Such a great hike, if you start early in the morning you can easily climb 3 summits.

Enjoy the ride.

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