Lake Bled, Slovenia – things to do

Lake Bled, Slovenia, a must visit! Probably the most popular place in Slovenia and it has all the reasons for being that. It’s romantic town at the foothills of the Julian Alps, is set along the glacial Lake Bled. On a cliff overlooking the lake is the 11th-century Bled Castle, which houses a museum, chapel and printing press. Atop a small island in the lake’s center is the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria, with its steep staircase and bell tower.

c (89)


Dragos and I arrived to Bled around 10 pm and we have decided to camp at Bled Camping which is just next to the lake. It is a great place to camp as it comes fully arranged with hot showers, washing machine, dryers and electricity for extra comfort! I wasn’t that lucky with the hot showers, I guess I was the only unlucky person on the campsite who didn’t get hot water when everyone else was doing sauna in their cubical. It was one hell of a night, cold shower and we where laughing out loud until figured out a way to fit into our 2 person Vango tent. We did fall asleep eventually due to exhaustion after the flight to Ljubljana and great day spent there visiting the city.

c (60)

Our empty stomach woke us up early in the morning and started our day of visiting Bled, but not before finding a place where we can have breakfast. We were surprised to hear that things open at 11am in Bled and to be honest it was kind of the situation everywhere in Slovenia. A country after my own heart, they love their morning nap. We got in and out from many B&Bs without having breakfast because they were closed. Eventually we found a place to eat, an all you can eat breakfast and we took advantage of it. 🙂

c (116)

Bled Island

“Made friends with our enemies” so we can continue our journey in visiting the place. We took a boat to the Island where we spent 1 hour visiting the church and going around the island. How this works, you get the boat which is a 5-10 min journey and you have 1 hour to spend on the Island and the driver will wait for you. Time is more than enough to roam around and enjoy the view. Got the chance to pull the bells which was pretty cool and after some point annoying cause the bells were ding-dong all day long.

The weather wasn’t great, but wasn’t too bad either. We got a couple of showers while visiting the Island and the castle, and it got a bit worst when we wanted to visit Vintgar Gorge.

c (111)

Bled Castle

About a 1h walk from the lake to the castle from where you can look over the lake. The medieval castle of Bled offers you a great view over the surrounding mountains and the lake, but also a pretty nice tour in the castles museum. Just a few steps below the castle there is a restaurant also, a great terrace where you can enjoy an ice-cream while looking at the stunning view. Even on a rainy weather.

c (147)

Vintgar Gorge

Our final visit of the day supposed to be 2 km gorge carved by the Radovna River, it became a rescue mission for Fren, a lamb stuck into a fence far away from the flock. The rain became heavier and heavier so we where just about to return to Bled when we noticed a lamb stock into a fence. Dragos, having a soft heart towards animals, he jumped right away into rescue. After a good 10 min he did manage to sort out the trap and released our new friend Fren. You should have seen the joy on the lambs face and the way she ran to her mom…shouting “Mom, mom, guess what just happened!” it went more like ” beeh beeeh beeeh” …but wait I have it on camera, so make sure you check it out.

After we both felt like heroes, although it was more Dragos than me, we went and treated our-self with a good healthy meal…wait, was it a lamb burger? :))

On our way back we stayed a bit longer at the lake and enjoyed the sunset, or at least as much as we could get through the clouds and finished our day in this cool place, Bled.

You can check out all the photos from Bled in the gallery of this blog – link


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