Exploring the Apuseni Mountains

I have been talking about exploring the Carpathian Mountains in Romania for quite some time now and so have I started doing it by reaching the summit of Vladeasa and just recently went to the Bride’s Veil Waterfall and the summit of Lespezi in the Apuseni Mountains.


I always wake up early in the morning so I can skip the crowd in some of the touristic places I visit, just like the Bride’s Veil Waterfall ( Cascada Valul Miresei ). The place is just 1h20min away from where I live in Salaj, so it is an easy to get to if you go early in the morning.  I left about 7am and got to Rachitele village by 8:30 and walked for about another 30 minutes till the waterfall. Although I tried getting there as early as possible it was already packed with people, trying to capture that perfect selfy or proposing to the one. It seams it is quite a common thing… hmm, hence the name. 🙂


It is a really nice place and one the most beautiful waterfalls I have seen so far, it is totally worth going there. If you visit the waterfall, a must do is to go to the summit of Mt. Lespezi – 1173m. The summit is a rocky cliff, just a 1h away by foot from the waterfall. You will get an amazing view of the Apuseni Mountains, a great view of the waterfall and even spot the Vladeasa ridge.


On the summit of Lespezi, I have met 3 polish guys who came specially to explore the wild nature of the Carpathian Mountains. They were fascinated by the wild life you can still find in the deep forests and the beautiful views. It is a breathtaking view from the cliff, I could have stayed there for the rest of the day and not get enough of it. Well, I decided to leave at some point because I have noticed from above how the road from the village to the waterfall gets really busy and decided that it is the time for me to go.


I was really glad I parked my car close to the village because otherwise it would have been a nightmare to get out of this place. Tens and tens of cars parked all over the place and they still tried getting close to the waterfall to eventually find out there is no space. I did warn some of the drivers, but it was kind of pointless, they did go anyways.

Yes, so this was my second trip to the Apuseni mountains, I did fell in-love with it and will definitely go back shortly. I still have in mind the visit the Dragan dam and the summit of mount Bihorul. In the meantime my next destination is Slovenia and the breathtaking Alps. Stay close because the stories from my trip to the Alps will follow soon.

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