My first snowboard lesson – Poiana Brasov

Poiana Brașov  is one of the most popular ski resort in Romania, but not only, it also attracts many tourists from all around Europe.  I am here in Poiana Brasov because for a long time I have desired to be able to snowboard and today I am taking that first step in learning how.


Mihai – the ski instructor from “scoala de schii” was kind enough to show me the basic things in order to quickly start snowboarding. After 2 hours of learning, practicing I was able to nicely slip down from the hill.


After a full day of snowboarding and falling, I got soaked wet. By the time I got back to the hotel, I found myself locked out. Hmm, weird isn’t it? I knock on the door, cause I didn’t know what else to do. Five minutes passed by, no one answers, I knock again. Ten minutes, 15 minutes passed by and nothing. I decided that I should find a place to eat and warm up. Just when I started leaving, the receptionist ran after me and asked me to quickly go inside. I ran inside with her and she told me that she locked the door because two bears were outside of the hotel. Wait a minute. What??? There are two wild bears outside and you locked me out???! The wet cloths are frozen on me, I wouldn’t even be able to run in case I had too. Well, same thing happened the second day too. True story. 🙂


The second day I explored the a bit the forest, took a few pictures and flew my drone to capture some epic views. Right after that I went up to the mountain and had a nice coffee at 1725m altitude.


Later on in the day I traveled back home, back to Zalau.

Such a nice way to end your 2017, visiting some of the best cities in Romania and do things I wished for.

The plans for 2018, one word: Mountains. I am turning 30 years old this year, so I am planning to do 30 peaks by my 30th.

Till then enjoy my first snowboard experiences, falls and some amazing winter forest views.

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