Brasov, Romania – The best winter city break

Brasov, a city in the heart of Transylvania, surrounded by the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains and a birthplace of many legends. It is known for it’s medieval Saxon walls, towers, Gothic-style architecture and baroque buildings.

On a snowfall the city becomes a story-like winter wonderland. The colorful Christmas lights adds a nice contrast to the beautiful white landscape.


I arrived early in the morning to Brasov and although I haven’t been in the city for the past 3 years, I managed to find my way to the “Piata Sfatului” square easily. Step by step the old awesome adventure memories came to me. I remembered, ooh man…the time when I went to Brasov with Shalaka and Nandita – my really good friends from India, it was soo much fun. Braaaasov, a place of many cool memories!!!

Every time I’m in Brasov I must go to KFC too, tasty food with a brilliant view. KFC in Romania is the best in the entire world, have I told you that already?

Finding the city covered by snow, flying my drone above the city was a must do. This winter experience in Brasov was so satisfying, I totally felt like a kid.

I was really eager to go to the top of Timpa, but unfortunately the cable car wasn’t working. Probably I could have attempted climbing it? well maybe next time, cause it was quite foggy, or cloudy or wintry cause it was really snowing.


Found a moody little coffee shop too, with a nice view over the narrow alleys of Brasov and the snow falling. The barista was really friendly and welcoming, probably because I was the only person sitting down to enjoy a nice coffee with cake.

Time is flying so fast when you walk in a place like Brasov, you barely notice the notion of time. I have suddenly seen the Christmas lights turning on, so I finished my coffee and went to the Christmas Market.

The Christmas Market definitely holds the best Christmas tree I have seen so far in my trip in Romania, but the market itself is also cosy, colorful and welcoming.


I totally feel like I am rediscovering Romania.

After such a full day of rediscovery, remembering good old memories, enjoying a nice snow fall, I am heading towards the buss station to continue my journey to the Winter Wonderland of Romania.

Poiana Brasov is a place where I am always going back with pleasure, a true winter-land with a great view.

This time I am planning to try out something new, somethings I longed for since ever.

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