The hidden gem of Romania – Sighisoara – a medieval citadel

Finally I am in Sighisoara, Romania, the birth town of Vlad the Impaler, a.k.a Dracula and the most preserved , the most beautiful medieval citadel in Europe. A 12th century citadel built by the Transylvanian Saxons, a perfectly intact medieval city that you cannot find anywhere else.


It is a travel back in time, walking on the same streets as our fellow knights did centuries back. Touching the same colorful walls touched by Dracula himself when he played “lapte gros si smantanos”(it’s a stupid outdoor game we used to play when I was a kid) during his childhood – I don’t know, I’m just saying, you never know. 🙂


After a painful journey in a smelly train from Sibiu to Sighisoara, it was a relief and a pleasure to explore and walk on the streets of this amazing medieval citadel. The weather was a bit gloomy at first, but later on it turned into a brilliant snowy day, set the perfect mood for Christmas.

The citadel holds colorful medieval houses, towers, churches and great restaurants with traditional dishes. During the year there are medieval events and festivals organized in the citadel.


For cheap as £30 you can spend a night at a any of the cute inns. They are nicely decorated in the same medieval tone. You can walk around the citadel on and on and not get bored of it. A great experience is to walk up to the church on the hill through the covered staircase which was built in 1654 and hold around 300 steps. Later on in the 1800s it was amended and reduced the steps to 178, but still keeps the Saxon architecture appearance.


I am highly recommending this place to anyone who is planning to visit Romania, it is unique. I am planning to come back during the summer and spend more time in Sighisoara.

My next stop will in Brasov and Poiana Brasov, the Wonder Winterland of Romania.

Thank you for stepping by and travel more!


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