Sibiu, Romania – The cultural capital city of Europe

Sibiu, one of the most beautiful places I have been so far in Romania. The old town is one of Romania’s hidden gems. Rich in color, architecture and a pleasure to get lost in.


Before going into my next location, Sighisoara, I had a few more hours to spare in Sibiu, so I decided to roam around a little bit more in the old town.

I woke up early on Sunday morning and walked towards the town, it’s really chill outside and quiet. Perfect time to take some nice architecture photos without tourists and locals in in the way.

I have discovered some beautiful places, little colorful narrow alleys which are perfect spots for photography. While admiring these places I realize what a beautiful country is Romania. I can’t wait to discover more in the year to come.


The silence was  broken by a warm big bang bell sound from the cathedrals around the old town. People are slowly showing up, greeting each-other on the streets and are gathering in their church congregations.

I stop at the Christmas market once more to grab something to eat and following it up with a good Starbucks coffee, although I am not a Starbucks fan…it was perfect for to boost my energy in continuing my journey.


Sibiu, it was a pleasing and satisfying place to visit, totally recommend it.

I am taking the train to Sighisoara, the city I have been waiting to see for such a long time. I am extremely excited.



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