The Best Christmas destination in Romania

Once again it is the season to be jolly! Only a few days till Christmas and I am really pumped about this one. I haven’t been home for Christmas for the past 3 years and I missed a bit of a snow, carol nights, good old friends and being home with family, so really looking forward to it.

I have seen the brilliant Christmas market in Birmingham, Paris, Colmar and a few other locations, but I wonder what Christmas markets and Winter Wonderlands has Romania to offer. This is exactly what I have been trying to find out in a 7 day trip in 7 locations around Transylvania.

There are many beautiful places in Romania with great winter locations and Christmas traditions, but for now I explored only seven locations in Transylvania, including my hometown.

Here is a glimpse into my trip, follow my here on blog, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, follow me on my Instagram as for the next couple of days I will post videos and photos about each one of the locations. Thank you.





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