Leaving UK and future plans

Almost 5 years, that’s how long I’ve been living in the UK.

I was so sure that living in the UK is what I want, getting a mortgage, buying that house, settle down, and still here I am back in Romania after such a long time.

When I’ve told my closest friends, colleagues and family that I’m moving back home, they were all shocked by the news. For some it was good news and for others bitter sweet. Why?

Living abroad, in a place like England can always bounce back. A job can bounce back, and even people around you can bounce back too.

Family is one thing that does not bounce back. Does that make sense? I always wanted to give something back and that thing is me being close to them.

Their happiness is important to me and I want to contribute to that. Even if not for a long time, but for now, I wanna be there.

Then there are certain things that didn’t turn out as I expected and I strongly felt the need of a change and I really believe this is the change I need and want.

There are also things like my faith, for some time now I felt stuck and my soul craves for new purpose.

My career, I also felt that I am struggling lately in going into the direction I wanted and this change will bring me back on the track and into the direction I wanted to go.

This is very difficult for me, but I thought this trough many many times and I decided that this is the right thing to do.

It’s hard to say good bye, but there are so many things I am really excited about, and looking forward to it. A new job, reconnecting with old friends, new travel projects – exploring the Carpathian Mountains, vibrant cities and century old castles, Romania is the home to astonishing landscapes, rich history and culture and I am looking forward to discover my home countries hidden gems.

Dear friends from UK, you will always be close to my heart and I will come and visit, but for now I have to go, this new journey is calling me.

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