A little bit of London

Considering the fact that London is just about 1 hour and 20 min away from where I live, I haven’t visited that much of London in the past 5 years. I thought of going to London over the weekend to meet up with some friends and for a little bit of sightseeing.

I started my little trip by taking the underground from Euston to Green Park which is just a 10 min journey and from there the plan was to walk to the Tower Bridge.


Walking trough Green Park you can see the Autumn showing its presence by transforming the nature into a colorful painting. After just a 10 min walk through the park I ended up in the middle of the everyday group of tourists in front of Buckingham Palace. Said hi to Queen Elisabeth, took a selfie and continued my journey to Westminster Abbey.



IMG_6874There are loads of stuff that can be done and visited in London, but here I am at Westminster Abbey, an easy place to get to and you have all the famous touristy places in one place. Standing next to the cathedral you can enjoy a great view over the Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, House of Parliament and the London Eye.



I have been on the Birmingham Eye, Paris Eye, but now I will skip getting on London eye and walk down on south bank to follow various street artists, expositions and skaters.


After about a one hour walk I arrived to Tower Bridge where I enjoyed a little bit of sunshine, followed the cruises going up and down on river Thamese and of course taking that selfie with the bridge.


It’s also a great spot to look at the famous modern buildings growing out like mushrooms from London’s old city.


Yepp, after all this I set down to catch my breath over a coffer, hot dog and nice view over the bridge and The Shard.

Later on I met with Kelsey from New Zealand at Franco Manca. We had a few drinks, a pizza and had a good lough about some of our old memories.  Shared our recent travel experiences and the upcoming travel plans.


A short but an enjoyable sightseeing tour around London.


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