Incredible Germany – Black Forest, Titisee and beautiful Lake Konstanz

Yo yo yo, what’s up beautiful people? Here we go again, really exited about this one. It seems that I am forming a tradition about visiting Germany as it is my 2nd time here and I love it.

I have been last year too in November to visit my cousins in Trossingen from where we went together on a trip to Colmar, France. If you haven’t seen the photos and videos, please check out my gallery and YouTube channel. A fairytale like city, Colmar.

This year we stayed local and visited Konstanz and the Bodensee lake which is the largest lake in Europe. A 63km-long, it borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Bodensee-Radweg cycle path encircles the entire lake in about 260km. Maybe I will plan a cycling trip around the lake one day.


The water is amazing, a beautiful turquoise water, super clean and warm…only if I knew about it. I was so into having a swim in the lake, but had no cloths with me to change, maybe next time.


Looking far away, as far as the skyline you can spot the Alps, an astonishing view with the mountains. Loads of boats, cruises on the lake and even a Zeppelin roaming around on the sky.

It has been said that if you are in Germany, a must do is to have some Turkish food. Turkish food is really popular in Germany, so we had to go and try something out. People suggest a good Turkish kebab, but my favorite Turkish dish is a classic iskender so if I can find it I will definitely opt for an ayran and iskender.

It was a really fun first day, loved it. I have to come back to Konstanz and plan much more stuff to do.

The second day we went into the heart of the black forest up to an altitude of 850m and stopped by the well known Titisee lake. Oh my God! Such an amazing place, the best view I have seen in quite some time. It is a must visit if you are nearby.



Clear clean water, perfect for swimming, kayaking, a cruise on the lake, many many hiking trails to do and so much more. I bet this place is brilliant during the winter too, with a frozen lake and awesome cozy cabins.


It was great seeing everyone again and spend some quality time with my good friends, I really hope I will be able to come for a longer period next time.


It was a great weekend, amazing weather, but for now I must go back to my rainy and gloomy Britain.

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