Cycling from Worcester to Malvern Hills

Cycling from Worcester to the summit of Malvern Hills is a challenging but a very rewarding cycling route. I warmed up by cycling from Binley to the Coventry train station, which is just about 20-30 min ride. Then I took the train to Worcester and from the train station cycled to Malver Hills.

I think it wasn’t too bad getting to the base of Malvern Hills, it takes about 1 hour 15 min on an enjoyable pace, but the challenge came after I reached the base of the hill.


I wasn’t even half way through and I got off the bike and walked up to the summit. I found the road to be really bumpy with loads of stones and rocks and it was surprisingly steep. It took me around 40 min to walk to the top.


Once I reached to the top the scenery was really rewarding after all the effort I put into climbing the hill. Beautiful panoramic scene all around you.

After I spent some time enjoying the summit it was time to get back down and of course on the bike. It was again really steep, from time to time I felt like the bike will throw me over my head and role down from the hill. I found it very scary but full of adrenaline.


Once down from the mountain, I could hear some music playing in the distance so I kind of followed the music and ended up in this nice little park where a local bend were playing.

I had lunch relaxed and recover my straight from the ride after which i cycled to the train station and went back home.

It might not sound to big of a deal, but things like this can be really uplifting and rewarding. I will definitely do more of these small break outs in the months to come.

I am off to Germany so stay tuned because next time I will explore the biggest lake in Europe and take a swim in a glacier lake at 800m altitude in the Black Forrest of Germany.

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