I walked 30km after I got lost in Mt. Meses

The plan was to go to the summit, but I got lost and ended up 30 Km away from home. Here is what happened:

I lived in my hometown for 20 years and never really gone to the summit of Mt. Meses. The plan was to wake up early in the morning to avoid the heat wave, but as it was heavily raining I enjoyed sleeping a bit more until the sky got clear again. When the rain stopped I started my walk to the mountain and probably it was the worst part of the day with a temperature of 40C melting my face off.

While walking down the route I had flashbacks of my childhood going to the base of the mountain for fishing, swimming in the river and even taking a muddy bath with the buffalo’s. My most recent trips to the base of the mountain was in 2012 with the youth from church where we have done 2-3 days camping trip.


The Meses Mountains are a mountain range in Transylvania, Romania, which belongs to the Apuseni Mountains. The highest peak is Magura Priei at an altitude of 996 m, but the closest peaks to my town are at 868 m – Osoiu Mic and 873 m Osoiu Mare. The plan was to attempt climbing any of these two unless I get lost.


It took me around 45 min from home to the entrance of the forest. It doesn’t seem that long but the heat was a challenge itself. There where so many trails I could have follow, but went with my instinct to eventually get somewhere to the top of the mountain after 3 hours. It was a matter of finding a place to call the summit, because there is a forester road on the top and you remain at the highest altitude for quite some time on that road. I think the forester road connects the two peak, but this is where I got lost.


I loved how the forester road separated the two sides of the mountain and each side had different type of trees. On one side you had the tall pine trees the other side a mix of hornbeam and beech trees.


Then I discovered this sign, a concrete short pillar with an inscription on it DTM 1962. I called it at that time the summit, but later on I made a research to understand what it actually was. I found out that DTM stands for Digital Terrain Model which represents the ground surface and height of the mountain. This helps making a three dimensional model of the mountain by gathering data via plane or satellite. Looking into my Strava records, I do believe that was close enough to the summit of the mountain, but I would love to go back and discover more, unless any of you reading this can advise if there is anything marking the summit.


Right after this I started descending and found this really cool looking table with benches to sit down. I took a break and had something to it, I was already starving so I could have eaten anything.


While I still believed to be on the right root towards the 2nd peak, I was wrong big times, because I ended up the other side of the mountain. At this point I already had about 5 hours spent on the mountain and probably would have taken me the same about of hours to go back. Instead of going back I decided to go down to the closes town and ask someone to give me a ride to a main road which goes back to Zalau.

It was worth getting lost because the view was astonishing. I was able to see far ahead the Apuseni mountains and it was this brilliant three layer of blue mountain shades.


I went down into a town called Bodia which is 30Km from my home town and asked for some guidance. Someone was kind enough to give me a ride 10km down the road to a place from where I can easily hitch hike home. After 20 min of waiting for a car I started waling ahead for another 5km when finally someone stopped and gave me a ride to Zalau.


I was already exhausted so I took a taxi and went back home.

Check out the journey on on my Strava Map below as well as my vlog. If you are seeing my videos for the first time make sure to subscribe to my channel and leave me a thumbs up. Usually I leave more details about my adventures and photos in my blog so follow me on this WordPress blog too. Make sure to check out my other articles and enjoy my photos.

Meses Trail

Stay with me as in my next adventure I will be cycling to Malvern Hills from Worcester, probably the steepest little “mountain” I ever climbed.

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