The wedding day – Csabi & Cristina

The wedding day is here. The guests have arrived, it is time for the son to say good bye from his parents, brother and friends. Most of the times it is a close member of the family who says good bye on behalf of the groom. This is done through a poem which is about thanking the parents for the sacrifices they have done their entire life for their son and in the same time to ask forgiveness for all those times he was disobedient.

Once this part of the ceremony is done, all the guests are invited to eat. There’s schnitzel, meatballs, sarmale, pork and all sort of goods served to the guests. Now that everyone had a good meal, wine and a shot of a brandy it is time to go after the bride.

It is a long journey ahead of us, about 3 hours across the mountains, so let’s make a bit of noise and let everyone know that there is a wedding in the village.

We arrived in the brides town, everyone came out to the streets to see the new married a couple and to wish them many blessings. The groom and his guests are standing in front of the brides house and family and the groom has to ask the brides hand from the father of the bride. This entire ceremony is accompanied with musicians, dance, sweets and loads of strong brandy.

After the proposal has been done, the bride comes out and meets the groom and they walk together to the church to have the religious ceremony. At the church the have to go through an entire religious ceremony, habits and than they are finally declared husband and wife.

It is time for the party to begin. Everyone goes to the wedding reception and they enjoy their time with great food, wine and a mix Hungarian and Romanian folk music.

After the wedding day, the close family members are invited back to both the brides and grooms house for more food, wine and good time.

A wedding like in the stories, an entire week of celebration and fun. Eventually the new married couple goes on their honeymoon.

Cristina & Csabi, I wish you many blessings and happiness!


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