12 hours layover in Amsterdam

What can you do on a 12 hour layover in Amsterdam?

We have arrived to Amsterdam airport after 12 hours of flight from Bangkok and we still head a lot ahead of us till our next flight back to Birmingham, United Kingdom. The city is alive all day and all night long, so there is a lot to do on a layover. We arrived around 7pm, so most of the museums and that sort of places were closed, but on the other hand the nightlife just started.

We took a train from the Airport to Amsterdam city center from where we walked next to the canals and got something to eat.

20785915_653727101501565_4482555370374849676_o The city can have quite spicy prices. I believe for a burgher and a coffee I payed around  25, well it is expensive when you are coming from Thailand. However, it was worth it, really really good food, with a nice view just next to the canals.

Right after we had dinner, the sun started to set and slowly became darker, the light turned on and Amsterdam transformed into an even more beautiful place. It also became really crowded as people started gathering for the Red Light District.


Time flew fast, after walking around the Red Light district, canals, pubs and terraces it was already 2-3 am and we slowly went back to the airport to have some rest.


Amsterdam is definitely a place I would love to go back to and explore it more, perhaps some day in the future I will plan something to visit The Netherlands, but for now back to earl gray tea and the rainy weather.

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