My last day in Thailand


Pfuu, I can’t believe it came to an end. Such a great experience, 8 full days spent in Thailand. On our final day we kind of slept half way through, to rest for the long journey ahead of us. It takes 13 hours to fly back to EU and then we will have an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam, but that’s another story.

We decided to go back to China Town to buy some souvenirs and try out some more street food, then end the day with our favorite Thai dish.

27In the markets we discovered a small place that sell deep fried shrimps and crabs. I have no clue what kind of spices they used, but believe me it was really tasty. I stuffed my face with it, probably had a thousand calories, but I could have two of those bags of shrimps anytime, its that good.

Once we have done our shopping ended up at a terrace having our last Thai dish for dinner. I got my self a classic chicken Pad Thai and a Green Curry with quite of a heavy spicy punch. I could have this everyday, any-day, no problem at all.

Ahh, I miss Thailand! I want to travel more!!! This was too short!

Guy’s I hope you enjoyed my little journey to Thailand, places and food I tasted. I have a few more surprises for you from my Thai trip so don’t forget to follow my blog, YouTube channel and stay in touch.

Thank you once again for passing by.

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