China town, sky bars and a crazy night life in Bangkok

Once you enter into China town in Bangkok, you feel you are in a completely different country. Suddenly everything seems to be more crowded, Chinese writings and signs everywhere you look, mmm the smell, smells good, food, uuh, food stalls everywhere you turn. Roasted ducks hanging every 2 steps, deep fried fish, shrimps, crabs, shrimp flakes in small and big begs…If I would wake up in this place without knowing the fact that I am in Bangkok, I would totally think of Hong Kong or somewhere in China.


Together with Ciprian walked all of the markets in China town, just roaming around, hoping o find something interesting. From what we could see, you can find what every you wish for here. Food, cloths, ceramics, souvenirs, ingredients from A to Z.


While roaming around, I spotted a local Chinese lady ordering some roasted duck Wonton noodles from a fast food in the middle of the market. I got a bit closer and prepared myself to take a few pictures of the scene. Once I took the pictures she approached me and recommended the place, a must try she said. It did smell good so we went inside and ordered a few dishes.


After China town, we went back to our hotel, changed and went into the city, the new town of Bangkok. It looks so much different from the old town, packed with shopping malls and sky trains. We went up to one of these sky bars called Vertigo where we ordered 2 cocktails and enjoyed the jaw-dropping scenery of the night city.


The drinks costed us £10 – £12 each, but it was worth it. We tried drinking our cocktails as slow as possible, but eventually did ended and left.


It was still early in the evening, so decided to go back to Kao San road for a little bit of craziness. As promised, I did get a bigger scorpion and eat it. This time it was much more difficult to eat, much more hairy, haha, dry, but still really oily. It wasn’t great, but anyhow, it was fun!


Kao San at night is crazy, live music everywhere, people dancing on the streets, all sort of crazy promotions, loads of booze and beer with the bucket!


Loved the fullness of the day, the diversity, from Thai to Chinese, from old to new, from expensive to cheap, yepp! a really good day.

I cant believe it, I am getting to the end of this amazing Thai journey. My next blog will be with our last day in Thailand, after which we will continue our journey to the Netherlands and than fly back to the UK.

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Thank you.

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