Thailand’s most beautiful temples

It is our 7th day in Thailand, we are back in Bangkok and it’s time to visit the beautiful temples the city has to offer.

It is 35C outside with an 80% humidity and we have a lot to do today. There is no such a thing as waking up early in the morning to skip the heat. As soon as the sun rises it’s boiling hot and there’s not much you can do about it. On top of the heat, by the time we arrive to the Grand Palace, we realized that we cant go into the palace in shorts. It was too much of a journey to go back and change so we had to buy some pants at the entrance. It looked hideous  and cost us about £8, so hear is a lesson for you, when visiting the grand palace, don’t go in shorts.


The palace is amazing, it is spread across an area of 218,400 square metres. This means you can spend easily a couple of hours roaming around and admiring the architecture, art, history, temples and finding your way among thousand of tourists walking in and out from the palace.



Wat Arun – another beautiful place, unfortunately under construction and we were unable to climb the stairs, but surely it was worth a visit.

Despite the heat, we kept going and visited the reclining Buddha which is a 46m golden plated Buddha in a temple. That’s all it’s there to see, but the size is mind blowing.

The entrance was £2 which included a small bottle of cold water.

Once we visited the temples, we took a break to cool down and to grab something too eat. We went into the market next to the temple and had some banana pancake, mangosteens and other snacks, aaah I really miss those threats.


It was a really long day, so I divided my vlog into 2 parts. This one is about the temples and the grand palace. The 2nd part will be about China Town, eating some crazy snacks and then in the evening looking down the city from one of the sky-bars in Bangkok.

Good stuff coming up, so stay tuned and enjoy the video.

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