From fries to flys, bugs and scorpions

It is our last day in Phuket and we are trying to get the most out of this place. The waves are way to big to have a swim so we are sitting on log and watch the waves and people passing by on the beach.


Ahead of us is a couple wanting to try out parasailing and we are curiously following the entire process. We realize quick enough that this sport or what ever it is, it’s quite dangerous and I admire their courage for doing it. What shocked both of us was the pilot of the parachute was simply hanging on the ropes without any strings attached, not that’s crazy!


After spending enough time on the beach we went into a fast food just next to us and had some chicken fingers and fries, because we did miss a bit of a western food.

Later on in the evening we flew back to Bangkok and spent the rest of the evening on Khao San road.

The streets are always crazy in the evening, people dancing all over the place, loads of street food, loads of music bands and booze.

Not much of a dancer myself, so though of trying out some of these weird foods on the street. Got myself a scorpion, grasshopper and a fat cricket. All cost’s around 120 THB which is not more than £3.

Now, what can I say about the taste? Well, they spice the bugs up quite nicely. Salt, pepper, soy sauce and some other spices, so the taste is not bad at all. The texture, well this is another story. It is deep fried and they fry the hell out of them, so when you put it in your mouth it is really dry and hard to swallow. There is not much to chew either, because all of these bugs have quite of a shell on their body. When you start chewing, it is really crunchy, you feel the legs, wings, body shell and their head popping in your mouth.

It is a great experience though and I would totally commander it at least once.

We are going to visit the temples and the grand palace in the following day and more crazy street food.

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