My brothers groom preparation

The brotherhood and friendship with my brother was always really close and strong. I can say we lived together our entire life. In our childhood we shared the same room, the same bed, even after going to university we ended up sharing the same dorm and food.

When we relocated from our hometown to Oradea, where we studied, my brother met a wonderful person who became part of our brotherhood and now became his wife.

I believe we formed a strong family rounded friendship, been there for each other in good, bad and always.

Until recently we all lived together in the UK sharing moments of happiness and struggles.


Now, they are one and a new journey rises ahead of them. Wish you both health, happiness and peace for your marriage.

It was a great pleasure to be at their wedding last weekend and to have the honer to shoot my brothers wedding preparation. The bellow footage is just a short video about the groom preparation and I will follow this up in the coming weeks with the wedding preparation too.

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