Pre-Wedding Interview – Dani & Oana

Our very first wedding at Emmaus Church and my first wedding interview. I had the privilege to take a pre wedding interview from Dani and Oana about who they are and how they met.

They have such a great story to tell, in the interview they try to highlight the fact that they have such different personalities and yet they form a great couple.

Dani, who in his childhood was such a naughty little dude that he managed to set the house on fire, dislocate his jaw and on the other hand Oana was an excellent student and an awarded ballerina.

So different from each-other yet God brought them together. They form a great couple, they complete each-other and now getting married.

I had such a great time taking this interview, they both have such a great sense of humor, so it was good fun.

The video is in Romanian, but one of their best friends helped me translating the interview. In case you need translation, enable the English subtitles on YouTube.

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