Durian, the world stinkiest fruit

Happy 1st July everyone. Here is another piece from my Thai adventure.

Woke up early in the morning, packed our stuff and went to take our ferry from Ao Nang to Phuket.

It was a pleasant 3 hour journey  on the board of the ferry, with a short stop at Ko Phi Phi Island. We were able to see some really cool cliffs and islands on the way.

Once we arrived to Phuket, a shuttle took us directly to our hotel, this was another 1 hour journey.

We arrived safely to our hotel, looked really luxurious with a nice swimming pool, actually several of them. You know what, it surely looked really nice, but I think it is a wast of money. Why? Here’s the thing, when you are having a trip like us, visiting Thailand and planning loads of activities to do during the day, you wont really have the chance to stay and enjoy the pool. Believe it or not, within what? 2-3 days I didn’t even touch the water in that pool.

Anyhow, although it started raining we took our rain coats and went out to grab something to eat. What else can you do when ever it’s raining?

We found this place just next to our hotel, it was quite empty, but hey, let’s give it a chance.

I have ordered a prawn pad Thai and Ciprian a dip fired fish with some sauce. Pad Thai is probably the most popular Thai dish you can get and it is really tasty. You will have rice noodles with peanuts, prawns or chicken, bean sprouts and some soy based sauce, delicious! The deep fried fish is also something you need to try out, i would advise the deep fried fish with garlic, oooh man it is amazing. Be careful, the fish might have bones, I almost chocked with a bone from this fish. I had to quickly run to the bathroom and pull it out from my throat and it wasn’t pleasant, could have been really dangerous.

It was quite cheap, £2 the Pad Thai, £1 fresh fruits, around 50 – 80p coconut water and about £6 the fish.

After we finished having dinner the rain stopped and we went out to explore more the city. You will find food everywhere, had a really nice nutella pancake with banana..wow, delicious, cant remember how much it was, but for sure under £1.

So many cool places to see and things to do. Sometime you just wanna walk around and enjoy the pace and breath, but this is not possible as everyone try to pull you into a pub or restaurant or tuk tuk or sell you something, it can be really aggressive sometimes and definitely really annoying.

Right! After 4 full days in Thailand the time finally came to try out the world stinkiest food, durian. Maaan, that stuff is smells sooo so bad. I cant really describe the smell, well it smells like something rotten. The taste is sweet, really sweet, the taste is not as bad as the smell. It has a weird silky, creamy texture, I would say…like pudding.

I managed to have 2 spoons and we gave the entire thing away to some local Thai people from the street. The durian cost us around £10, but you either love it or hate it. I think even after 2-3 hours I could still feel the horrible taste, smell, cause I was keep burping it back.

Such a great first day in Phuket, but what is ahead of us for the next day is one in a lifetime experience. Spending a day with the elephants in the Elephant Sanctuary was such an emotional and beautiful experience.

Stay with me, follow this blog, follow me on YouTube to see our great adventure further on in Thailand. Thank you so much for passing buy and reading about my experience. I hope I inspired you in some way. Have a great day.


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