Thai city life – Bangkok, Thailand

After a 13 hours flight, we finally arrived to Bangkok, Thailand. The first experience we had stepping into Thailand, was the heavy humid heat that punched us straight in our face and for a few moments we were learning how to breath.

The second thing we did when arrived at the airport was to take a taxi and go to our hotel. Well, by the time we finished our holiday, we realized that the taxi driver charged us twice as much than the actually price. If you ever take a taxi in Thailand show them the meter and ask them polity to turn it on, it will save you loads of money.

A third experience was the tuk tuk scam. Freshly arrived to Bangkok, eager to explore the city, we stopped for a moment to look at our map and decided where to start. At this time a very kind local man, with a fluent English, approached us advising the ultimate and ideal plan for the day. Without any experience or proper research, the mans plan was very plausible and genuine. He even stopped a tuk tuk for us and explained the driver where to take us, and here is were the adventure started.  We got onto the tuk tuk, enjoyed our first experience having this very loud and fun ride.

At first we stopped at a local street food place, had some tasty tom yum soup, some stir fried noodles and experienced how does it feel when your face is burning off from a really spicy dish. Next to the street food stall was the Standing Buddha temple, really nice and genuinely impressive. I even said, Bangkok is very similar to Romania as in both places you will find temples at every corner of the street.

Leaving from the temple we realized that we actually fell into a very common scam, as the next destination was a suit store, where we supposed to get a suit from the tailor and the tuk tuk driver to get a commission out of it. We had to go to the first tailor, a second tailor, than a tourism agency, an invitation to a jewelry store, to eventually the tuk tuk driver tell us…Duuude, i cant make any business out of you guys, so this is your last stop.

For 40 THB, it was a good deal to have the first tuk tuk experience and visit a few temples and learn what we had to learn about scams. If in Thailand you must try the tuk tuk, I mean, come oon, you have too. All you have to say: Take me to this location without any stop and for x amount of money, some smiled and refused, but there was always someone who was happy to take us to our destination.

Street food stalls, thai massage places, shops, bars are everywhere you look and they are happy to welcome you into their place.

At the end of the day we managed to visit a few malls and sit down as well to have some brilliant flavorful Thai food with my great friend Pang from Bangkok and Cata, a Romanian friend who happen to be working in Bangkok that week.

I hope you enjoy the video and shows you a bit from what we have seen, tasted and experienced.

As always, thank you for watching and if enjoyed it please hit that like button and SUBSCRIBE as there is more to come about Thailand.



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