🔴LIVE: Shaving my head for the first time

It is not a secret that I have been losing my hair more or less in the past couple of years. In fact I remember the first time I noticed hair loss, it was in my 2nd or 3rd year of university, somewhere in 2010. After every shower I lost a handful of hair, mainly on top of my head. It stopped for some time and only in recent years my hair started weakening again and losing more and more. This can affect your self-confidence, as sometimes we care too much how people perceive our image and the hair plays a really important part of it.  I wasn’t really affected by it that much, but it became more and more obvious and hard to make it look good.

I had a really good think about it, I had hesitations, but eventually decided that it is time to shave my head. What can go wrong? It might even look good. If it will look terrible I can always grow it back. Actually, in my opinion it is quite bold to make this step and shows a quite a lot of confidence. 

Today I have done it, finally shaved it. Enjoy the video bellow and let me know what you think, was it a good or a bad decision?

Subscribe to my channel as I will post more vlogs about my trip to Thailand which will be super dope! By the way will I be able to get through the customs like this?!!

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