Tough Mudder – Midlands 2017 | Brothers from another mudder

On the 13th May I have finished my fund raising events by participating at the most awaited Tough Mudder in Midlands.

I have raised a total of £210 across 4 events about which I am proud and really grateful to everyone who has donated.

I have bought the tickets for Tough Mudder in December 2016, it is an event for which I soughed for from a long time.

I participated together with 3 other friends of mine, Ciprian, Tim and Neli.

We had to cross 13 obstacles.

1. The Block Ness Monster
2. Pyramid Scheme
3. Everest 2.0
5. Kiss of mud
6. Mud Mile
7. Berlin Walls
8. Skidmarked
9. Quagmire
10. Shawshanked

These were the main obstacles, other than this there were few natural pounds on your trail.

The obstacles engaged us to work as a team and make new friends on the way.

So so so much fun! It took us about 2h30 min to complete the race and we ended up having bruises in places we didn’t even thought of having before.

I hope you enjoy the short clip and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you.

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