The Watkin Path – Ascending Snowdon Summit – April 14 ’17

The Watkin Path – Ascending Snowdon Summit – April 14 ’17 | Part 1 | Vlog 10 ’17

On the 14th April together with 4 good friends, we went camping to Snowdonia and hike mount Snowdon.

After a few hours journey from Birmingham we arrived at Llyn Gwynant Campsite. It has a beautiful scenery with a lake and mountains all around it.

Although the weather wasn’t ideal, we attempted hiking the Snowdon Summit on Friday the 14th April as we had to be back in Birmingham on the Saturday evening.

We chose to take the Watkin Path for a more adventurous journey to the top of the mountain and it was worth it.

We found the path to be breath taking with its beautiful peaks, waterfalls and ruins on its way.

After 3-4 hours of hiking the weather got really bad with a really low visibility and slippery rocks. We reached the altitude of 1006 meters, we were at the point of almost make it to the top but due to the extreme weather and the safety of the group we decided to go back. Unfortunately we were unable to see the path and all of us were soaking wet and pretty much exhausted.

On the way down, the wind blew away the thick rain clouds and we witnessed some astonishing peaks and sceneries.

I will follow up the video with the descending journey also.

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