The Giant Turtle and my New Years Resolution 2017 | Vlog 01’17

Hello there awesome people. We just landed in 2017 and we are already making plans for the year to come.

After following different kind of successful people, I realized the fact that no matter how much money you might have, one of many things you cannot by is time. Although you might be able to by everything else you might desire, you wont be able to enjoy the things you can afford, because time is running out.

This year my goal is to focus on things that matter the most in life and focus my days around that. Friends, church, God, family and things i enjoy doing the most.

This year I am planning to take part in many running and cycling event: 2x cycling events, 1x half marathon, 3x 10km, 1x though mudder, hiking the highlands in Scotland and travel videos from Romania.

My wish to all of you is to focus your life on things that matters the most in life and to you.

Happy New Year!

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