A Pinnacle cycling day and an epic drone crash | Vlog 5 ’17

Finally the days are longer and better, just about right for a good run, cycling, photography and any other outdoor activity.

I went out with a few of my friends to do 35 KM cycling route on Saturday ending up burning 1700 calories and later on enjoyed a great BBQ on Tim’s birthday.

Eventually I gave some time to fly my drone across the lake in sutton park. I managed to take some nice pictures with the boats, water until the battery drained out and I had to land it. Well while trying land it, suddenly went crazy right into the trees and epicly crashed. The batter jumped out of it and sadly the gimbal fell off. I have sent to an electronic repair shop and hopefully they will be able to make it work again.

I love my new RC Car – really fast, sturdy, great sound, jumps, spins, drifts…its amazing!! I can wait to play with it again and again.

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