My 8 days holiday in Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh City | Nha Trang | Hanoi | Ha Long Bay | Cu Chi Tunels

My name is Adi. I am an IT Recruiter | Guitar player | Photographer | Chef in my home kitchen and a Vlogger.

I love to travel, enjoy food, music and I vlog about it.

I had an 8 days holiday in Vietnam, one of the best experiences I had in my life.

After 21 hour journey from England to Ho Chi Minh City, my Vietnamese adventure started. I have visited Cu Chi Tunels, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.

I was fascinated by Ho Chi Minh’s modern city with skyscrapers, fast growing economy, westernised architecture, but in the same time finding its balance between the modern Vietnam and its authentic Vietnamese culture.

Hanoi, the most alive city I ever seen, smiley faces, authentic Vietnamese culture, street food and kind people. Amazing destinations, lakes, tourists, modern centres, old quarters, temples and many many other mind-blowing experiences.
Ha long bay, holding its 2000 islands, caves and beautiful beaches, the world’s number 1 destination in 2015.

Nha Trang, beautiful beaches, the best sea food you can have, amazing water sports and many Russians

Cu Chi Tunels, Vietnams great history, experiencing the underground life and shooting with AK 47.

Enjoying talking with local Vietnamese people, attending couchsurfing events, meeting with Digital Nomads from USA, vloggers and brilliant entrepreneurs ( Riley Bennet, Abe Kim – a.k.a Yevato Oldboy )

Trying out all sort of street food, weird food, and unknown food: fish guts, chicken skin, chicken liver, chicken heart, shrimps, fish, hot pot, kimchi, bibimbap, eggs and many many others.

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