Love Came Down – Cover by Adi Seres

I am self taught guitar player.

Music was always part of the family. My dad and uncles use to play guitar, violin and other musical instruments, but over the time they have neglected their talent.

I believe I have inherited the love for music as I was always attracted by musical instruments and desired to learn how to play some of them.

Coming from a modest family, we couldn’t afford to invest in extracurricular activities like guitar lessons or even buying a guitar, however this changed once I got my first job and became more independent.

I bought my first guitar in my 3rd year of university around 2010 and slowly learned the chords and started playing my first songs.

In 2012 I started playing guitar more often as I started leading the youth worship group in my home church. The youth worship group quickly developed, as 2 of my cousins joined me with a keyboard and a bass guitar.

In 2013 I have relocate to UK, joined a small Romanian church community where again I started supporting the worship group by playing guitar. Today in the beginning of 2017 the church grew to over 100 visitors and members, with many talented musicians therefore I slowly withdrawn from playing an instrument and focused more on supporting with my voice.

This is one of my first YouTube videos I uploaded and a song a really enjoy.

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